Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tribalism: Fodecc administrator accused of recruiting only Bassa

The Fodecc employees are demanding the departure of Samuel Donatien Nengue. They accuse him of massive and unpunished hijackings; notorious incompetence ...

Staff from Fodecc (Cocoa Coffee Sector Development Fund) are demanding the departure of Samuel Donatien Nengue. He accuses the administrator of Fodecc of massive and unpunished diversions; notorious incompetence. But also, of the violation of the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Cameroon. 

Illegal recruitments
By way of example, Samuel Donatien Nengue has decided to enter into an overhang with the regional balance in force in the administration of institutions in Cameroon. If not.

“  How to understand that Nengue Samuel Donatien, Bassa, wants to put the Bassa in all the strategic positions of the structure. Such as the Head of administrative and financial department, the Head of IT department. The Head of Accounting and Budget, the Head of Mail, the Assistant to the Administrator. A Head of IT, three accounting executives, two drivers for the Administrator etc. ?  Ask the employees of the company in a letter to Paul Biya to denounce the management of the director.

Illegal personnel management
In the letter addressed to the Head of State, the employees of Fodecc denounce the illegal management of the personnel. For them, the administrator disregards the provisions of decree n ° 2019/320. In particular its article 26 relating to the communication at the start of the budget year to the deliberative body, the number of staff called upon to assert their pension rights. By way of illustration,  “Ngo Massoma Ruth, Bassa, who is called upon to assert her retirement rights at 60 from April 15, 2020, has not yet been notified on February 17, 2020.  ” Denounce the workers.

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