Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Transportation: a new strike hits Camair-Co

This mood movement aims to denounce the considerable shortcomings inherent in air transport.

A new strike announced at Camair-Co. Cameroonian airline personnel are preparing a demonstration. This strike notice runs from February 26, 2020. This appears from a correspondence signed by the president of the Air Transport Workers' Union (STTA), Benga Nseka Justin. “This strike notice can only be lifted after the deviations have been corrected.And satisfaction of the legal requirements of the workers. "Warns the president of STTA.   

Recurring salary arrears

This mood movement aims to denounce the considerable shortcomings inherent in air transport. These include, inter alia, recurrence and persistence of wage arrears since December 2019. Last September for example, Camair-Co employees said they had not been paid for two months. That is to say July and August 2019. "Irregularities and delayed wages which constitute" flagrant and violent obstacles to the safety of airline passengers. 

Company over-indebtedness

Through this cessation of activity, the staff also denounces the over-indebtedness of the company, a very serious threat of loss of the CTA (Air Carrier Certificate). It is also a question for the employees of the transporter, of exposing the unfavorable institutional framework to Camair-Co.   From the no systematic repayment of social security contributions, service on board "deteriorated, unsuitable and at a discount". 

Lack of vision

The STTA also complains of the almost reduced exploitation at the lowest point. The lack of vision, objectives, missions, clear values… Finally, the drastic and dramatic loss of the company's clientele, rental and acquisition of unsuitable aircraft.

Note that the“  Cameroon star” has been going  through a zone of turbulence for months. At the beginning of last year, for example, its employees were already claiming the salaries for February and March. "  This situation has plunged the employees into a state of multifaceted precariousness".

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