Sunday, February 9, 2020

Toronto: Kamto refuses to receive angry Ambazonians

Ambazonian activists in Toronto, Canada, expressed disappointment after the head of the MRC, Professor Maurice Kamto, refused to grant them an audience because they "wore Ambazonian badges and with the flag of Ambazonia".

"Even when we conceded to keep the flags at bay, he did not accept," Efuange Khumbah, former SG and member of the Toronto-based Southern Cameroons Relief Organization, told on Saturday. 

“He wanted us to delete everything that concerned Ambazonia. But we had 2 grandmothers who wore Amba T-shirts, so we insisted that we not do that, ”continued Efuange. 

Efuange maintains that: "Kamto is only using the English-speaking crisis to come to power. He is not interested in talking to us and no one should waste his time. Professor Kamto did not respond to the Toronto incident.

Maurice Kamto has been organizing gatherings with the diaspora community for two weeks now. He claims to have won the 2018 presidential elections in Cameroon.