Monday, February 24, 2020

They are paid to demonstrate' at the French Embassy in Yaoundé

So this is the country of my ancestors. Your president massacres tens and thousands of English speakers, you are not indignant. In the middle of Yaoundé, you lack drinking water, you do not demonstrate to claim it. You are an unemployed unemployed and without future for your small family, that doesn't mean anything to you. When France congratulated Paul Biya on his problematic re-election in October 2018, you applauded with both hands and did not speak of interference.

But as long as Paul Biya (who is not even aware of your existence) is humiliated in France by Macron, you take signs and banners to go and demonstrate in front of the French embassy in the Olezoa district, in Yaoundé. For a small 5000 or 10 000 FCFA that an unnecessary beti elite gave you the day before during a night meeting. 

Oh God, what a shame !!! What have we done to deserve such a zombified and sheep people? My brother, my sister, do you know that if the Cameroonian economy asphyxiated by the English-speaking war continues to stand up and that the civil servants continue to be paid, it is for a lot thanks to the French Development Agency?

Have you not noticed that the barons of the Biya regime are afraid of attacking France head-on, from which they derive their power? But silly that you are and for coins, you take the lead to go before the French authorities to defend an 87 year old old man who confiscated the country with the help of his family as well as his mafia clan. You are going to support this dying power which is on its way down so that it continues to feed on your miserable condition of life. God, what a loss!

Journalist: Michel Biem Tong