Saturday, February 15, 2020

The MRC ahead the next government: Mvondo Ayolo reveals everything!

In a press release signed on February 14, the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon denies being the source of correspondence addressed to certain personalities.

Certainly taking advantage of the context of the aftermath of the legislative and municipal double ballot, individuals would initiate letters to personalities to make them dangle a folding seat in the next government. The ritual that after these elections the head of state proceeds to a redistribution of cards, especially within the state apparatus. 

In a press release signed on February 14, the director of the Civil Cabinet informed the public that: "false correspondence bearing the stamp, the references and the inaccurate signature, addressed to personalities or institutions are in circulation".

Samuel Mvondo Ayolo to all the recipients of these false letters to be vigilant and to carry out all the required verifications. 

He also suggests that: "the authors of these false documents are actively sought and will be arrested to answer for their criminal acts before the competent courts".