Monday, February 3, 2020

The armed conflict in Anglophone Cameroon deprived this baby her mother

An emotional photo of a baby lying down besides her dead mother surfaces on social media. The photo was taken from Anglophone region of Cameroon where armed conflict war has been going on for the past 3 years, stated in 2016. 

Unlike this little poor baby, many Innocent kids have been made motherless, homeless in Anglophone Cameroon.

Some are currently in refugee camps across Nigeria starving, despite help from the Nigerian government and other international communities.

The war in Cameroon has claimed alot of lives including that of security forces.

The cameroonian government has put in effort to end the war but in wrong ways.. The Paul Biya regime sends soldiers to the Anglophons regions to calm the situations, but the soldiers on their own further by committing atrocities often.. The government is not ready for peace as the military continued to kill innocent people.

Our thoughts are with all affected persons, Women, Children Men.

The war shall be over, and we shall smile again.. someday