Tuesday, February 4, 2020

'The after-Biya will be played with machetes'

For a few months, the school environment is the place of all scandals and the State does not manage to get out of it? Each day brings its share of disorder, to the point where one wonders if the teacher still has his place.

But it is wrong to pose the problems to reason in this way. Let's see things as they really happen: if the State of Cameroon had applied even the level of decentralization that it itself had accepted in 1991, 29 years ago and constitutionalized in 1996 23 years ago, it is not only the English-speaking crisis that we would have avoided, but all this violence which is mounting in force and which is becoming more and more uncontrollable. 

At least, by refusing the federation, if he had applied their own decentralization! The State itself had clearly accepted that the Lycées returned to the Regions and that it was going to give them the money it used for this mission, so that each region could manage their funds! It was the same money, but it had to be used in another form: from the bottom, not from the top. 

But instead of adopting this intelligent solution, the people of Yaoundé, weighed down by a bulimia of power and a thirst thirsty for money, preferred to tack, to the point of multiplying the bombs in the Republic, and transforming bickering,; minor problems that are perfectly localized into national problems that can lead to wars! 


Take the tragic case of the young TCHAKOUNTE, stabbed in the high school of Nkolbission! Affected in the West, his Region of origin, he could not settle in his place of assignment, for lack of resources, finding himself obliged to go and give vacation lessons here and there while waiting for the day when the heavy sovietomorphic bureaucracy of Yaoundé was going to take it on sale! What was this gentleman doing at Nkolbisson? If he had been recruited by the region from West to West, would we have experienced this drama as a national disaster? To the point where his lifting of the body pits the teachers against the police, reviving the dangerous tensions between the trade corporations! 

Today, what is left in popular imagery? Soldiers armed to the teeth, dragging teachers to the ground! A spectacle that repeats itself day by day, giving the appearance of a particularly violent regime.

And when we know very well the susceptibility of teachers who, for lack of advantages, see the whole world in black, believing that they have done school and must stand in line in front of gendarmes and police officers who do not reach the level of their students, what is the point of maintaining such a tense and violent system? 

We also saw a sub-prefect forcibly enter with a squad of gendarmes into a Lycée in Ayos and molest a teacher during an examination, without the slightest urgency and in the absence of the principal, but simply arguing about the power which comes straight from the head of state! And since this gesture, it's been calm! In any case, the bureaucracy of Yaoundé defended it, because it must remain all-powerful, control everything, dominate everything, crush everything! 

And it is in this way that this State multiplies tensions, opposes corporations, and, multiplies tribal hatreds! 

We had a recent recruitment of 1000 teachers, with 52,000 candidates all with a CAPIEMP! An attribution which should have returned to the Communes according to the laws of decentralization. Unfortunately, this autistic government which saw only glorioles hoped to make a good political coup: "President Biya, in his high magnanimity, decided to recruit 1,000 teachers". 

Evil took him: he only harvested hatred and frustrations! The same reactions, moreover, brought about by these sporadic recruitments of the same teachers for contractual operations. 

We also witnessed the miserable spectacle of recruiting university teachers, with all the accusations of tampering, corruption, tribalism that this operation entailed, to the point where we still resorted to the President's arbitration! However, when the Minister undertook this operation, he believed he was carrying out a great political coup and asserting himself with his boss!

It must be said clearly, clearly and definitively: the unitary state no longer has the means to manage social services in Cameroon. He does not have it ! This is not a problem for Biya, even if he aggravates it by his stubbornness. It is an exhausted, unsuitable, obsolete system problem. 

High Schools 

The unitary state had lied to the communities and the various corporations that it was going to solve all their problems by managing money alone. This lie could work and actually worked as long as Cameroon was still too young, that the country had only a few high school graduates. But things have changed! Cameroon no longer has a single University, but dozens; he no longer has a few High Schools, but thousands. It has tens of thousands of primary schools. All this is no longer manageable by a central ministry! It is a madness which recalls the Soviet bureaucracy and which is gradually paralyzed! 

While generating hatred and violence. In a normal country, how can we oppose the army to education? These are bodies which are all useful, but which are located at very different strategic levels! Education is a local, interior, ubiquitous, friendly and popular service. What could be more normal for it to be managed by local structures? The army is a strategic service which refers to the relations between Cameroon and foreign powers. It is a secret, elitist and mysterious service, which must have a prestige linked to its hieratic and formidable character. What could be more normal for it to be managed by a powerful and distant power? 

But when we put them in the same lot, we oppose them, we constantly confront them, we maintain competitions and corporate jealousies, how do you build peace and development with such a system? What exactly does the regime gain by recruiting teachers in Yaoundé? 

It is frankly amazing!

Of course, I'm going to be told that Mr. TCHAKOUNKE could also have been stabbed in the West, or that an ESSOMBA could have been stabbed in the Center. I agree, but that's not the problem! If he had been recruited in the West, we would have a problem confined to the West, with the authorities in the West and the police in the West, and not the sad spectacle where National Education fights with the national army in the capital! 

We saw how a woman was butchered by her sister in Douala, but at the end of the process, the problem became national. 

This desire to control everything, when he does not have the means has transformed the State of Cameroon into an object of permanent and violent contestation which will end up shattering. Any small problem in Cameroon becomes national, even when it is only localized. And the terrible Anglophone problem, always caused by this madness of power, remains current! In any case, it is not ready to go out! 

The State 

What we are asking the Government to do is to segment the State. It is very clearly a question of dividing the 5.000 billion FCFA of the budget in two, one half for the Central State, for its strategic missions of defense and diplomacy, missions of coordination, regulation, arbitration and infrastructures structuring. 

The other half must go to regional states, for all operational missions under public authority. Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and The Gambia manage their high schools and universities well without coming to Cameroon for advice. There is no reason that populated Cameroonian Regions such as these countries such as the Center, the Far North, the West or the Southwest should be swallowed up as mere receivers of a development decided by a distant power of Yaounde.

This way of using communities can never lead to development. 

And it must be done quickly, because time is running out. Biya's age has become an indicator that power will be vacant soon and ambitions are awakened. The presidency of Yaoundé, which concentrates all state powers, has become a bomb placed on our heads, with all the Communities sharpening their machetes! 

Because indeed, if this State remains as it is, the post-Biya period will be played with machetes. And those who stupidly block the evolution of the system, because they imagine in their naivety that they will capture power will be swallowed up!