Saturday, February 22, 2020

Succession of Biya: a young group 'threatens' Franck Biya In an open LETTER

In an open letter addressed to the eldest son of the President of the Republic Paul Biya and relayed by our colleagues from "Le TGV de l'Info", a group of young people from Dja and Lobo gathered around the "Bi Te'eya" movement. keeps Franck Biya on the persistent rumors which announce him like the probable successor of the tenant of the palace of Etoudi.

"Mr. Franck Biya, you must therefore know that you are going to cross our bodies to reach Etoudi. Your wickedness is only equaled by your desire to have everything for yourself. You have been very selfish. For 30 years, you have all plundered the forests of Dja and Lobo, mainly the Dja reserve, yet classified as a world heritage site by Unesco. " said the youth group in its letter. 

CamerounWeb offers you the full letter 

“Monsieur BIYA'A Emmanuel 

During the legislative and municipal campaign, our Rdpc elites sent us the message that after Paul Biya, power could return to us. They used the proverb that: "If a burden leaves the head, it falls on the shoulders". The message was clear. If Paul Biya leaves power, for them, you will be invested by the Rdpc in the framework of an early presidential election. 

Mr. Franck Biya, you should therefore know that you are going to cross our bodies to reach Etoudi. 

Your wickedness is matched only by your desire to have everything for yourself. You are very selfish. For 30 years, you have been plundering all the forests of Dja and Lobo, mainly the Dja reserve, which is nonetheless classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. 

Even pygmies no longer have living spaces. They leave the Cameroonian forests towards those of Congo. Others to those of Gabon.

At this pace, the forests of Dja and Lobo will be emptied of their pygmies. Many NGOs including Care, who works in these areas, have reported on your abusive and wild exploitation of our forests. 

Ecologically, because of the destruction of our forests, it is already very hot in the Dja and Lobo, it looks like North Cameroon. 

The rivers are drying up. Fish are becoming scarce. Game too. 

You have destroyed and pillaged our forests, without any investment in the forest industry which would have at least created jobs for the mass of the unemployed in Dja and Lobo. . 

Never have you created even a small local wood processing sawmill. 

What interests you are our rare logs and species that you take out all day and night without interruption. 

Over 50 logging trucks every 24 hours in full view of everyone.

You cut and enjoy without sharing with your cousin Mvondo Assam Bonnivan, deputy in the national assembly of all the forests that we have all inherited from our ancestors. 

Whoever stumbles is tortured by the gendarmerie. 

Water and forest officials do not even dare to control or intercept your loggers. 

All brigade commanders of the operating sites are at your service. 

Apart from this lack of investment for the youth of Dja and Lobo, your loggers hurt us and kill us without compensating the victims or families. Let's not talk about the pygmies that your trucks crush like stray dogs and abandon at the mercy of wild animals on the forest tracks evacuating your woods. 

We even doubt that you pay in the coffers of the State, the taxes and taxes of logging. Because if you do, given the quantities of gasoline you take out per day, there would no longer be the crisis in Cameroon. 

After even having sold this wood in China and the Arab countries, your main customers since the denunciation of your abusive exploitation of the Cameroonian forests in 2005 by the NGO Greenpeace, we are certain that you will not bring this money back to Cameroon. Otherwise, we were going to see your investments in Cameroon.

You take out the wood of Cameroon, the wealth of all Cameroonian people for free, and you do not repatriate the money to replenish the currency bank. 

In any case, what interests us are our forests. 

We will oppose your looming candidacy because you are not worthy to lead this country. If already at the level of Dja and Lobo, you are unable to create industries for the employment of young people, it is at the Presidency that you will do it? 

There is still time to stop your dark plan to replace your father. 


Bi Te'eya 

Engozoo Endangte Anatole Movement, President

Foumane Oko Jean Bedel, Secretary General 

Ondoua Eyinga Simon Deprez, Advisor 

Mvilongo aurĂ©lien Athanase, Delegue 

Eboo Mbili Francisca duprix, 

Tresoriere Nko'o Atyam Marie Jovesse, Assistant. "