Sunday, February 2, 2020

SOS From Nso: Shufai Langhe, his wife and 13 others have been arrested and moved to Brigade by 6 Military officers

It was reported by Scandy Media that some 6 men from the department of cameroonian security agency have arrested a traditional leader, Shufai Langhe and his wife in Nso, plus 13 other individuals living in the locality.

Read the report below:

Shufaiy Langhe, Abdulaye alias Wo Din, his wife and about 13 other inhabitants of the Country Side neighborhood in Kumbo have been marched off to the Brigade by 6 Military men armed to the teeth. La Rep forces are picking up civilians innocently and they are asked to bail themselves with at 50,000 frs else they remain there until elections. Before they are bailed, they take their data to use for the elections as well.

We are letting La Rep know that Shufai Langhe is a high traditional leader in Nso and should be left to go unconditionally with the at least 14 others picked up: Let no one torture nor point a gun at them. CPDM elites and agents should ask their forces let them go with immediate effect. 

Scandy Media reported