Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Socio-political crisis: are we heading towards a political transition?

“The UPC-MANIDEM advocates Transition as the most suitable way to deal, through a broad popular mobilization, with all the blockages and finally engage in a new Republic. The interest of all those who want the end of our difficulties engendered by the current government is to join this movement for the Transition and to make it victorious, "said the press release from the session of February 1 and 2, 2020.

According to the Board of Directors, Paul Biya's PCRD appeal has brought the country to a dead end. “For more than three years, war has been in full swing in the NOSO, with each day its share of victims among which the civilian populations are the most numerous. It is in this context that the CPDM of Paul Biya asks the Kamerunais to go to vote. We know very well that in the NOSO where the administrative authorities themselves are protected behind sandbags, it is absurd to ask the civilian populations without protection to go and vote. These populations will therefore not go to the polls and the regime will stuff the ballot boxes and then declare that the NOSO has voted, ”notes the UPC-MANIDEM. 

In the opinion of the UPC-MANIDEM, going to the elections in these conditions is an irresponsible attitude towards the populations of NOSO. There will be no military solution to the war. For the Steering Committee, the solution to this war is political. This means, first of all, that there must be appeasements such as the release of political prisoners, the proclamation of a cease-fire and finally the organization of dialogue between all the parties to conclude peace.

The UPC-MANIDEM reports that the regime is stubborn in the military option. The patriots and the democrats of this country, of all the regions of the country including NOSO, must now consider that it becomes their business. And they must examine together the methods of stopping this drama by the force of popular sovereignty. The UPC-MANIDEM would like to thank the compatriots who paid tribute to Ernest OuandiĆ© on January 15 and 18 in Douala.