Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Secret deal with Biya: engaged by BBC, Kamto denies everything!

The man has been in the news since his release from Yaoundé central prison where he spent several months in detention after being arrested with some of his colleagues in the context of the contest of the results of the presidential election. October 2018 which saw the victory of President Paul Biya.

As part of his international tour which has taken him to several western capitals including Paris, Montreal and Washington where he is currently staying, Professor Maurice Kamto gave an interview to our colleagues from the British BBC channel and returned to the socio-political crisis which has been shaking Cameroon for several years. 

At the microphone of our colleagues from the BBC, the leader of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) returned to the circumstances that led to his release and dismissed out of hand the accusations that he had concluded a secret deal with the regime before his release from Kondengui. 

Indeed, upon his release from prison, sources well introduced into the seraglio evoked the existence of a secret agreement between the two parties which led to his release. This accusation had been fiercely denied by the complainant himself and some of his close associates. But according to our colleagues in the newspaper 'Jeune Afrique', "this release of the Cameroonian opponent is the fruit of several days of negotiations behind the scenes." The newspaper said at the time that "two emissaries contacted Maurice Kamto, arrested on January 26 following a demonstration organized in Douala, and detained since at the main prison in Yaoundé. The two personalities were the bearers of a proposal to end the crisis comprising the widening of the opponent in exchange for the latter's commitment to renounce contesting the re-election of Paul Biya during the presidential election on October 7, 2018…. After several back and forth between the prison of Kondengui and the presidential palace, the emissaries convey the good news. Paul Biya agrees to release Michèle Ndoki, Alain Fogué, Christian Penda Ekoka and Albert Dzongang ”.

The camp opposite, that is to say the power of Yaoundé, evokes the concern for appeasement and the magnanimity of President Paul Biya. But the fact remains that after his release, Professor Maurice Kamto put an end to public demonstrations aimed at contesting the re-election of the tenant of the Etoudi Palace. 

Today recognized as the main leader of the Cameroonian opposition, Maurice Kamto made a real show of force during the demonstrations organized in France, Canada and the USA.