Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Scene: Simon Pierre Idiba unwanted in Obala?

The populations left yesterday, February 24, 2020, in the streets of the city of Obala to protest against his re-election at the head of the local commune.

Poor manipulation of a tiny group of critics of the outgoing mayor and candidate for his own succession or an expression of the freedom of opinion of people who are fed up? The question torments the spirits in Obala, in the department of Lékié, region of the Center.

“For 13 years, instead of evolving, we have regressed. I paid 500 FCFA to go to my village, today I pay 1500 FCFA. We have no road, our city has become a trash city. And we are fed up. 13 years of suffering, 13 years of dirt, potholes, impassable areas, that's too much! ” protested Willy Meyomo, communications officer for the OJRDPC (youth organization of the presidential party) on the channels of Canal 2 International after the demonstrations that took place yesterday 24 February 2020.

The populations have come out en masse to ask the outgoing mayor to report on his achievements since he has presided over the destinies of the commune.


This mood movement led to the arrest of 4 people. According to our sources, they are in police custody at the gendarmerie company of Monatelé, chief town of the department of Lékié.

"According to the latest news, we have been informed that these people have been brought to court in Monatélé," said Ateba Manga, a resident of Obala.

Obala de jure session of municipal councilors

The election of the mayor of this town is scheduled for Tuesday, February 25, 2020, in favor of the full session according to the texts. The work will be chaired by the age office of the municipal council and in the presence of the prefectural authority of Lékié who will record the vote of the new municipal executive and his assistants.

If we do not yet know the name of the next town hall boss, we do know that it will be a militant of the ruling party, the CPDM having largely won the municipal elections in this city.  Will Simon Pierre Idiba stack up despite the opposition's sirens?

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