Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Revelations by an Ambazonian 'General' on General EKO EKO

These revelations are taken from the testimony of an Ambazonian general who says he was approached by General EKO EKO, Director General of External Research of Cameroon. From contacting until the abandonment of weapons by elite fighters of the Ambazonian armies, the techniques implemented by the General boss of the DGRE are vibrant successes.

In the ranks of the secessionists, the evocation of the name of the boss of the secret services of Cameroon inspires terror and fear. It is as pronounced the name of Jesus Christ in hell. According to former Ambazonian General Success Nkongho, "I was afraid of this man and the men in uniform because of what they did to us before". “What motivates me to come with some Ambazonian fighters and refugees who have laid down their weapons, what motivates me to come to Cameroon without fear of being arrested, is because I was convinced by certain negotiators, mediators who are members of the government of Cameroon." 

“Indeed, before I came to Cameroon, those who came to make me speak called General EKO EKO, of which I was too afraid. I chatted with him on the phone. The first words that came out of his mouth were: "My brother, I am your brother, you are my brother, we know that there have been misunderstandings that have happened between people from the same house. But we can fix it between us. There is a time for the rain, there is a time for the sun, there is a time for the fight and there is a time for peace and I am convinced that this is the time for peace. You are my brother, I am your brother ”. These words left a deep impression on me. Let us not forget that it is the boss of the secret services of Cameroon who negotiates for peace. It was then that I came to meet him for the first time. We chatted in his office for a long time and saw a man who was a true peace beggar. A peace-loving man between the Cameroonians and the Ambazonians. I saw simplicity, honesty, a man who fears God and who wants the best for his country. The way he asked for peace is like someone asking for oxygen. "

“He asked me if I can speak to my brothers so that there is peace, I said there are no problems. A few days I returned with great generals and Ambazonian fighters. And at the end of the discussions, they all realized this man's attachment to peace. This is what broke our pride, it broke our ambitions the way we do things. And we said to ourselves with a man like this, we can work for peace in Cameroon."

As we can see, the strategy is very simple, a frank and sincere dialogue between the combatants of the two parties is producing more results than years of armed conflict. And according to General Success Nkongho, there are already thousands of combatants who have laid down arms following the efforts of the boss of the secret services of Cameroon.

Source: agencecamerounpresse.com