Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Post-electoral litigation: Clément Atangana rejects 19 appellants

Of the 22 appeals examined by the Constitutional Council after the legislative elections of February 9, 19 were rejected. The first hearing devoted to post-electoral litigation opened yesterday, February 24, 2020. A very long day in all, with 40 cases entered on the list of formal hearings.

All 19 appeals from RDPC and opposition parties were dismissed. Some were found to be inadmissible for "lack of means" or for "violated legal text", others were rejected for "foreclosures".

Releases to the review pool

Good sources claim that the UNIVERS party of Prosper Nkou Mvondo's party against ELECAM, MINAT, RDPC and PCRN in Mefou Akono was rejected as not justified.

The rejection was also pronounced against the request of Mbang Suffert Gilbert, of the UDP against SDF, ELECAM and MINAT in Boyo, because unfounded

The Constitutional Council also rejected the request of Babbada Moctar of the UNDP against RDPC in Mayo Banyo because the exhibits produced are not justified.

Rejection of ANDP's request in Donga-Mantung against RDPC, SDF, ELECAM and MINAT for non-compliance with the gender aspect.

The application of Amina Belo, UDP against MINAT and ELECAM, was declared inadmissible in Donga-Mantung Ouest for lack of quality

Rejection of the appeal of Ernest Pekeuho Tchoffo of BRIC against RDPC, SDF, UDP, ELECAM and MINAT in Mezam Nord, for lack of relevant resources.

The appeal of Angelo Toueli of the PCRN judged inadmissible in the constituency of Mfoundi against RDPC, PADDEC, SDF, UPC, ELECAM, MINAT, because unfounded.

Recourse by Terde Ridai, RDPC against UNDP, ELECAM and MINAT in the Mayo-Tsanaga Sud-Est in Hina was declared inadmissible because it has no legal basis.

The high court also dismissed the CPDM's appeal against UMS and ELECAM for late filing.

Recourse mobiles

Recall that for all 40 appeals, the appellants request the partial or total cancellation of the vote on the one hand or a recount of votes on the other.

After emptying the post-electoral litigation, the high court will allow to have at the latest on February 29, 2020, the list of deputies of the 10th legislature of the National Assembly.

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