Sunday, February 2, 2020

Political crisis: Maurice Kamto ready to bury the hatchet on one condition

In front of the press in Paris, Maurice Kamto explained to media professionals that he is neither backward-looking nor hard-hitting. The president of the Mrc is aware that Cameroon must move forward and that it would be harmful for the country to remain camped on the post-electoral crisis of 2018.

However, Maurice Kamto requests a minimum of good will from the regime of Paul Biya. Indeed the Mrc according to his first official could put water in his wine if the Cameroonian government carried out a consensual reform of the electoral system.

“We wanted to turn the page. We do not remain forever frozen, blocked in 2018. We want the country to move forward. Things will not change if there is not a little effort on the other side to understand that Cameroonians want something else. Things will not change if at least we do not make a serious reform of the electoral system ”, declared Maurice Kamto.