Monday, February 3, 2020

Paris meeting: the 'reaction' of former President Sarkozy That creates panic

This is the text below attributed to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy inherent in the meeting of Maurice KAMTO in Paris. After verification by your page of the good and real information, Sarkozy never spoke out in relation to this historic meeting. It is simply a rude montage of those who have trouble digesting the stratospheric success of this event.

Here is the montage in question 

"Nicolas Sarkozy (the leader of the Republicans party) did not let the wind pass to reproach the meeting of Maurice Kamto on French territory. 

He says: France does not need polemics with its friendly countries and France is not a country of Africa. Let certain unpopular leaders at home in Africa stop showing their mediocrity in public places in France. 

Coming in large numbers with gadgets bearing the image of the country of origin would never give the legitimacy of the surfrage to them.

Look, France needs a little respect. Foreign political meetings cannot be held in public in France. We have performance halls that can hold these minorities. 

They must understand that the majority are in their countries, especially that many are unable to take part in the vote due to the lack of documents. 

He ends by clarifying: "I appeal to those who by right are governing our beautiful France at the moment to take their responsibility." 

For two days, many French people have criticized their government for giving too many freedoms to Africans on their territory, the nationalists are calling for the rise of Marine Le Pen"

Source: The TGV of info