Monday, February 24, 2020

Official: the government of Cameroon responds to Emmanuel Macron

The Minister of Communication, spokesman for the Cameroonian government, René Emmanuel Sadi, published this Sunday, February 23, 2020, a press release in which he rebelled against the behavior of a Cameroonian activist and challenged the French president on his attitude little diplomatic that could taint secular relations between Cameroon and France.

The Cameroonian government has taken note of the content of a video posted on social media on February 22, 2020, in which an individual posing as an activist from Cameroon loudly calls out to the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel MACRON , during the inauguration of the Paris International Agricultural Show. 

The Government unreservedly condemns the act of this individual who claims to belong to a people of which we know pride and dignity, and who believed he should challenge the Head of State of a country with which Cameroon has long-standing, close and mutually beneficial relationships of friendship and cooperation which have always founded on the sacred principles of state sovereignty and mutual respect. 

By castigating this senseless and irresponsible behavior , the Government of the Republic categorically rejects the untruths uttered by this alleged activist, in particular that: 

“the Cameroonian President commits genocide in Cameroon; all other Cameroonians, like him, are dead men or likely to be killed by President BIYA; most African countries like Cameroon are governed by dictators; in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, there have already been 12,000 deaths. 

The person concerned also claims that 22 villagers were killed in the North-West Region by the Cameroonian army ", information denied and which has moreover been the subject of specific clarifications by the Government. Finally, this individual allows himself to ask the French President, "to put pressure on the Cameroonian President, with a view to the liberation of certain Cameroonians whom he says are political prisoners of the regime of President BIYA", thus insinuating a certain subjugation, which cannot however exist between sovereign states. Because, it should be said bluntly: accessing requests from old and sure friends is in no way yielding to pressure. All these pernicious recriminations and which proceed from a patent and harmful 
disinformation , are as many nonsense and spooky inventions which do not correspond in any way to the truth of the facts. This is the place to deplore or even stigmatize these trends observed these lately and which are the fact of certain compatriots who believe that they have to transpose and spread on the international scene, the problems concerning in priority the  Cameroonians, and who, whatever one says or that one does, will not find lasting solutions and relevant only between Cameroonians themselves. 

In other words, those of our fellow citizens who believe in this way to denigrate Cameroon, and therefore, to attack the institutions of the Republic and to the one who has embodied them happily for several decades, must know that in the end , it is on themselves that they throw the anathema, so much it is true that any Cameroonian living abroad gives to see, more or less, an image of Cameroon. 

This is why the Government is once again appealing to the patriotism, civility and sense of responsibility of Cameroonians from the inside, and even more from the outside, so that they work, as much as they do. to protect the interests, image and good repute of Cameroon.

Moreover, the Government urges them to take their example from the citizens of their countries of residence, who are also plagued by problems, but whom they never evoke elsewhere than at home, because of their dignity and their pride. national. 

With regard to the situation lightly described by the alleged activist, who imputed acts of genocide to the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, it should be recalled that the measures which were taken by the HEAD OF STATE , to address the various threats that our country has faced in recent years, whether it be the fight against Boko Haram, measures taken to undermine the  repercussions in Cameroon of the crisis in the Central African Republic, or the dispatch to the two North-West and South-West Regions, of the Cameroon Defense and Security Forces , all aimed at preserving the territorial integrity of Cameroon, peace as well as the security of persons and property. 

These are therefore, at the very least,  legal and legitimate measures , from which no government worthy of the name can escape. 

Similarly, with regard to the regrettable incident in Ngarbuh, mentioned by the Cameroonian activist, the Government of the Republic has duly  restored the facts relating to this affair, and reaffirms here, if it is still necessary, that there were not twenty-two villagers, including fourteen  children, killed by the Cameroonian Defense and Security Forces, the February 15, 2020 in NgahBuh, in the Arrondissement of NDU, Department of Donga-Mantung, in the North West Region. 

Furthermore, and once again, the Government reaffirms that our Defense and Security Forces accomplish the missions assigned to them on all fronts, and in particular in the North-West and South-West Regions, with measure and professionalism, with strict respect for human rights. 

On the contrary, the Government wishes to recall that the numerous abominations as well as the unbearable horrors committed in the North-West and the South-West, since the outbreak of the crisis in these two Regions, be it the destruction of socio-economic infrastructure or unquestionably cruel assassinations are indisputably the work of lawless and completely dehumanized secessionist rebels. 

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, whose humanism and humanity are known to all, never ordered his army to massacre the civilian population, just as he never hesitated to prescribe sanctions, whenever proven and imputed abuses to anyone in the army, have been brought to his attention. 

Also, the Government of the Republic invites, once again, the friendly countries and the partners of Cameroon, if that is their will, to help Cameroon to cope, or to find relevant and final solutions , to the problems it faces today. 

In addition, the Government urges friendly countries and all of Cameroon's partners not to grant credit to activists, adventurers or madmen manipulated and instrumentalized, eager for notoriety, and whose actions only aim to harm the image of Cameroon, the stability of our institutions, national peace and cohesion, at the risk of being trapped and to show candor and even enmity which could harm Cameroon's good relations with these countries and partners, and which Cameroon values. 

Finally, the Government wishes to reaffirm that Cameroon is open to opinions of all kinds, to suggestions which are intended to be constructive, including those of friendly countries and partners which cooperate with it in all fields. 

However, the Government wishes that they have the humility and the kindness to recognize that, more and better than anyone, we are concerned about the future of our country, that we seek and know what is good for Cameroon, and that the people Cameroonian, like all peoples of the world, intends to remain in control of its destiny.

The Minister of Communication