Wednesday, February 19, 2020

NOSO: Former 'Ambazonian General' Opposes Army Withdrawal

In an interview with our editorial staff, the servant of God and former Ambazonian General who is now repentant, now claims to campaign for the return of peace to regions in a situation of de facto civil war. For him, the plan to deploy peace in these regions must not integrate the withdrawal of the republican army as required by some.

Dr. Succes Nkongho is resolutely engaged in for the return of peace in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. He who yesterday, in the early hours of this crisis, had taken up arms against the Republic, today took up the arms of counter propaganda to reconcile the living forces of the region around a real plan to return to calm. 

Dr Succes Nkongho says that he has mastered all the actors and the different protagonists of the crisis who are currently either in the forests or in the cozy salons to finance the war. Having been at the heart of the system for a very long time, he claims to be able to destroy it in less than a year. "But if only Yaoundé could listen to us. The problem is that Yaoundé is also divided on the strategic orientations ”deplores Dr Succes Nkongho. 

When asked how he would proceed, he informed us that the reality in these regions today is no longer the same as at the start of the crisis. According to him, most of the generals and men in the ranks of the current Ambazonian militias are no more and no less than "looters and assassins". "They are the ones who are supposed to protect the people who cut their feet and fingers, they burned the Kumba hospital, are the same ones who murdered the American missionary and who murder women and children for the same reasons".

This is also one of the main reasons for him, "the withdrawal of the army from the North West and South West regions is not a solution. Besides, people forget that the army was withdrawn from these regions on December 21 or 25 (editor's note, December 2019), and it only returned in force on January 05. But in the meantime there were still killings in the villages. " 

Dr. Succes Nkongho is adamant" the only weapon that will destroy the Ambazonian dream is the weapon of truth. Because they are allergic to the truth because lying is their strategy. I will consume this tragedy this year. ”