Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Noso: An ambazonian reported burned alive by the cameroonian soldiers in Ndop

In recent days, the locality of Ndop, in the North-West region, has witnessed a series of armed combats between separatist combatants and elements of the Cameroonian army.

The residents of Bamunka were unable to leave their homes yesterday due to the sounds of gunfire. 

After fierce armed fighting that lasted nearly four hours, residents said that the body of an alleged Ambazonian combatant was burnt down by soldiers. 

The remains of the burnt body were not removed from the area by residents until this morning, after ensuring that the soldiers had left the area. 

Earlier Sunday, election day, the people of Bamunka spent the whole day in the bushes to take shelter.

Around noon, Ambazonian fighters had left their hiding places and blocked the roads, firing warning shots. 

Similar actions by Ambazonian fighters in Ndop and other parts of the English-speaking regions have seen soldiers carrying out reprisal raids, leaving entire villages burned down and many killed in some cases. 

Despite the disruption of elections in Ndop and other regions, the government maintains that the process has been largely successful.