Sunday, February 2, 2020

Njomi Tchakounté's burial: Paul Biya disavows Minister Lyonga

In a very controversial release on January 14, relating to the brutal assassination of a math teacher at the Lycée de Nkolbisson in Yaoundé, the Minister of Secondary Education Pauline Nalova Lyonga had in a press release, subtly indicated that Njomi Tchakounté at the time of his death was not at his place of duty.

The criticized exit of Nalova Lyonga 

In his press radio press TV release, the government member wrote: "the Minister of Secondary Education brought to the attention of the public that on Tuesday January 14, 2020, Mr. Njomi Tchakounté Boris Kevin, professor of mathematics in service at Panke Djinoum high school in the West region, was fatally stabbed by a pupil of the 4th Spaniard of the classical lycée of Nkolbisson, in full course ”. Words which for some, accuse the young teacher of having abandoned his place of assignment. 

In addition to this controversial press release, the minister had also made derogatory statements regarding this incident which she apparently had no control over.

Tributes from Paul Biya 

If for the Minister, the deceased was in "derogation", because being outside his place of employment, the Head of State in his message to the family of the victim, recognizes the latter not as a teacher at the Lycée de Panke Djinoum in the Western region, but as being on duty at the Lycée de Nkolbisson: "His tragic disappearance in the exercise of his profession is a real drama for his students, the Lycée classique de Nkolbisson, and the whole educational community ”, wrote Paul Biya on January 31, 2020. 

Recall that on January 14, 2019, Brice Bisse Ngosso violently murdered his math teacher in the classroom. Usually undisciplined, the young man had been invited to leave the class by his teacher. Refusing to go outside, the insistence of his teacher and had provoked an argument which had resulted in the death of the latter.