Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ngarbuh massacre: new revelations by the survivors

Without necessarily accusing the army, several residents of this locality say they have lost loved ones whose number greatly exceeds the five victims recognized by the government.

While the emotion is still strong after the killing of Ngarbuh (North West) on February 14, 2020, it is the war of figures between the national and international press, NGOs, the UN and the government. 

If most of these sources speak of about twenty deaths, including women and children, Yaoundé recognizes only five civilian victims (a woman and four children). 

What about the residents themselves? 

The private channel Equinoxe Television, broadcast on February 19, 2020, audio testimonies of two people who lost loved ones during this tragedy.

"They arrived, they knocked on the door, took out my sister and shot her, along with her two daughters and six other people," said a man who said he did not know who the regular forces or the separatists had committed these abuses. 

"Oh my God ! I lack words, my whole family has been exterminated, my mother, my sister and my nieces, ”laments a woman in the second audio testimony. 

These statements clearly indicate a higher toll than the number of deaths presented by the government.