Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ngarbuh massacre: The Cameroonian army is treated by all names. It is unfair, Say's Head of communication division at the Ministry of Defense

Frigate Captain Cyrille Atonfack is head of the communications division at the Ministry of Defense of Cameroon. While a controversy swells over the number of victims (and their identity) following an operation by agents of our armed forces in Ngarbuh in the Donga Mantung, Cyrille Atonfack estimates that the Cameroonian army is made up of soldiers professionals ready for the supreme sacrifice for their country and that it would be a bad trial for them to think that they deliberately attack civilian populations.

Here are some words from Cyrille Atonfack Guemo, Captain of Fregate and Head of communication division at the Ministry of Defense, at the microphone of Luc Ngatcha in ABK Morning of February 20, 2020: 

“The Cameroonian army does not make war of numbers with civil society or with a bishop. (Speaking of the Ngarbuh Massacres) " 

"When Florence Ayafor was raped, beheaded, quartered, we did not see the bishop of Kumbo or any other man of the Catholic church in the region step up to the plate. One wonders who the Catholic church is driving for” 

"Who is civil society in Cameroon? Is it Me AGBOR BALLA? Is it Alice SADIO? Is the Civil Society that which is pronounced only when from abroad we can afford to give figures without being on the ground? Is this Civil Society the one that repeats like parrots fictitious figures that come from abroad, on unfortunate events that happened in Cameroon?"

"We had accused the army of shooting a baby in Muyuka and we had even shown a bullet casing… Me AGBOR BALLA admitted that he had been wrong once in accusing the Cameroonian army. Let us keep the necessary distance to decide on a situation. Why didn't he retweet to say he was wrong? A little patriotism anyway !!! A little humility !!!"

“The populations of the North West and South West are fed up !!! They want to go about their business quietly, without fear of being beheaded, without being forced to respect the ghost towns. And the army, which has paid a very heavy price since the start of this crisis, is precisely deployed on the ground to restore calm. It is not a favor that we do to the people, it is an obligation." 

Cameroonian law punishes the spread of false news. The Ministry of Defense complaint against a number of people is simply an imaginary complaint. The minister said "he reserves the right to prosecute", not that he will, or that a complaint has been made." 

"The image I have of the Cameroonian army is that of soldiers, soldiers who sacrificed everything, including their families, to save their country which is Cameroon. It is thanks to the sacrifices of this army that ABK continues to emit, that transport to and in the North West and the South West continues, that the school resumed in No / So, that life overall there resumed" 

"The Cameroonian army is treated by all names. It is unfair. For this army, a life is a life and each death is one death too many".