Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ngarbuh Killings: Mgr Samuel Kléda "our authorities must take all the necessary measures to put an end to this violence definitively"

The Archbishop of Douala, Msgr. Samuel Kléda gave an answer to George Kuo, who organized a mass at the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul in Douala. During this mass, a prayer was said for the rest of the souls of those killed in Ngarbuh in Donga Mantung.

At the end of this celebration, this Friday, February 21, Monsignor Samuel Kléda expressed himself as follows: “Several people have been killed, but, people are making speeches on the number of dead and each advances his figures. However, that is not the problem. Even if there is only one death, it is something extremely serious, because life is sacred, "decried the Archbishop of Douala who continues:

“If we have decided to unite with the faithful of Kumbo, it is to pray not only for the victims of Kumbo, but also for all the victims of this war, of this violence. May the blood of Cameroonians no longer continue to be shed. And this is the most serious. Those who direct us, our authorities must take all the measures necessary to put an end to this violence once and for all. True dialogue is needed. You have to listen to everyone. The dialogue has taken place. But, I do not know if during this dialogue, we talked about a cease-fire. And if the violence continues, it is because the problem has not been solved. ”

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