Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ngarbuh killings: Bishop of Kumbo accused the government

In correspondence dated February 18, 2020, the prelate declared Friday February 21, 2020, a day of prayer and mourning throughout the diocese of Kumbo in memory of the victims of the Ngarbuh disaster.

Almost a week after the massacre in Ngarbuh, a village in the North West region, the number of deaths recorded during this tragedy, which occurred on February 14, 2020, is at the center of a controversy. 

According to the government, five people, including 4 children, were killed in Ngarbuh. A figure contested by civil society organizations, political leaders and the UN who speak of more than twenty dead. 

In a correspondence dated February 18, 2020 and addressed to priests, religious, believers, men and women of good will, the Bishop of Kumbo, Archbishop George Nkuo, also maintains that the massacre of February 14 cost the lives of more than 24 people. 

"We have been sufficiently informed of the real unfortunate incident which took place on February 14 in the village Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw at the parish of St Martin de Porrès in Ndu ... on Friday February 14, 2020, the soldiers invaded Ngarbuh at 4 am and we were says that twenty-four people, including pregnant women and small children, were killed ... some victims were burned alive and several others injured, "said the prelate in his correspondence.

According to the daily newspaper Le Messager which reports this information in its edition of February 20, 2020, the representative of the Holy Father affirms that several houses have been burned, nine in total and “hundreds of people from Ngarbuh are currently displaced and taking refuge in deplorable human conditions in neighboring villages ”. 

After this drama, he invites solidarity with the victims. "Pending the completion of the ongoing investigation to determine those responsible for this merciless massacre, it is incumbent on us Christians, not only to firmly condemn these atrocities, but also to immediately help the new victims find support and comfort. with us ”. 

To conclude, the Bishop of Kumbo invites everyone to "observe a day of prayer for the deceased and suffering members of this tragic incident". Seen under this prism, Bishop George Nkuo "declares Friday, February 21, 2020, a day of prayer and mourning in the whole diocese of Kumbo in memory of the victims of the Ngarbuh disaster", can we read.