Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ngarbuh killing: SDF to conduct 'own investigation'

The Social Democratic Front reacted on Monday February 17, 2020, through a press release from its first vice-president, Joshua Osih.

More than 72 hours after the massacres in the village of Ngarbuh in the North West region, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) emerged from its silence. 

In a press release signed by its first vice-president, Joshua Osih, the party of the balance “strongly condemns the authors of these odious, cowardly and arbitrary barbarities which flagrantly violate all the standards required in time of war and more particularly national and international conventions on war ”, informs the said press release. 

Unlike the other entities which hold the security and defense forces responsible for these killings, the SDF wants to be careful, and announces rather that it “is currently conducting its own investigation into these horrific crimes in order to establish the facts as they actually happened and figuring out the number of victims, "adds Joshua Osih.

John Fru Ndi's party demands that the Yaoundé regime bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to justice when the time comes. 

The Ministry of Defense reacted in February 17, 2020, following these massacres, to clear the Cameroonian army in the first place, and to clarify the number of victims, which is 5 dead according to him, then that the United Nations (UN) speaks of 22 dead including 14 children killed.

Source: cameroon-info.net