Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ngarbuh crimes: Satellite images exposed the Biya's government

Human Rights Watch says it has evidence that it was a deliberate massacre of civilians. His report is expected this week.

In an interview with French television TV5 Monde Afrique, llaria Allegrozzi, senior researcher at Human Right Watch (Hrw) in Central Africa, announces that in the report that the NGO of which she is a member will publish this week, will bring evidence that what happened in the village of Ngarbuh was not an "unfortunate incident" as the Cameroonian authorities have argued.

"We are able to provide credible evidence that shows how the government's version does not stand up to scrutiny both in terms of the number of victims and the dynamics of the incident," said, all confident, llaria Allegrozzi.

In their investigation, the senior researcher indicates that they spoke to more than twenty people, including eyewitnesses. According to them, clarified Allegrozzi, there was no confrontation between the separatists and the army, even less an explosion of fuel containers. The report which will be published this week, we learned, will be more explicit on the reasons for this infamous barbarism.

"Witnesses told us that the soldiers burned the bodies of the victims inside their houses and we were able to locate the four houses where the civilians were killed and obtain satellite images taken before and after the attack. The post-attack images clearly show damage that is compatible with the fires and compatible with the witness version, ”asserts llaria Allegrozzi.

Conflicting figures

Since this horrible killing, Henceforth, the UN, the NGOs, the power of Yaoundé and part of the opposition seem to have started a macabre war of figures on the number of victims.

"We spoke with relatives of the victims, residents who buried the bodies and who independently confirmed the identity of the victims," ​​said the senior researcher. The same sources, she said, also reported how many people were buried in each grave.

"This is how we arrived at the number of 21 civilians killed, including 13 children and a pregnant woman," she said. The Ministry of Defense had for its part evoked a "regrettable incident" which would have made "5 victims, 1 woman and 4 children, very far from what was relayed by social networks". For the former researcher of Amnesty International, it is not. "It is not an accident."

The researcher ended her remarks by inviting an independent investigation to shed light on these massacres, and that those responsible were brought to justice. Note that French President Emmanuel Macron described the February 14 massacre as "intolerable human rights violations". He also said he wanted to "put pressure" on President Paul Biya.

"I will call President Paul Biya next week and we will put the maximum pressure to stop the situation," said the French head of state on the sidelines of a visit to the Paris Agricultural Show, then that he was arrested by Abdoulaye Thiam, alias "Colibri Calibro", Cameroonian activist.

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