Friday, February 14, 2020

Murder at Lycée Nkolbisson: the father of the stabbed teacher massage to Paul Biya

Etienne Njomi was received in audience by the Minister of Secondary Education on February 13, 2020 in Yaoundé.

The conference room of the cabinet of the Minister of Secondary Education was charged with emotions this Thursday, February 13, 2020. Nalova Lyonga, the boss of this ministerial department, received Etienne Njomi, the father of the young math teacher killed by his pupil in high school from Nkolbisson to Yaoundé. 

Dressed in black, his face still reveals the pain of the loss of his child. Etienne Njomi says he was touched by the strong outpouring of compassion from across the nation. 

“The people I passed by sincerely sympathized with my pain and that of my family. We finally kept this child where it should be. At one point I no longer believed in it. But the Republic got involved and we were able to go and put it in my native village, ”he said.

Head down, arms folded, addressing the minister, the father of the young Tchakounte claims to have been surprised by the letter from the President of the Republic. 

“I ended up with a written letter from the head of state, who passed through this ministry. This was given to me by the prefect of the Ndé department, ”he relates. Before giving the main reason for his visit to MINESEC. “I thought that such a personality that looks at me, the least of things, was an answer. Even if you had to scribble it, "he said. 

His answer is contained in an envelope, addressed to the presidential couple. The envelope was given to Nalova Lyonga, who saluted her bravery in the face of this situation.