Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Motion in solidarity of Paul Biya: journalist Cyrille Kemmegne turned against the elites of the Hauts Plateaux

The journalist asks the elites of the Western Highlands department on behalf of which people, they speak, in the motion of support addressed to Paul Biya.

Cyrille Kemmegne has decided to react to the motion to support Paul Biya that the elites of the Hauts Plateaux have drafted. The journalist thinks that they should have kept silent. And he asks in the name of what people, these elites speak in their motion of support. 

“ It is fitting that we, sons and daughters from the Hauts-Plateaux department, respond bluntly to a handful of individuals who found themselves in a hurry in Baham, to file a motion of support on behalf of our department. To these so-called elites and vital forces, I would simply like to remind you that sometimes "speech is silver and silence is gold". After the exposure of your creature Paul Biya by the emblematic compatriot "Calibri Calibro" and French President Emmanuel Macron, you only had one thing left to do: beat your face and keep a low profile. You should have weaned us from the stupidity that you pompously baptized "Motion of support of the elites and living forces of the Hauts-Plateaux to Paul Biya ",

Indicating that Cameroon is going towards a ministerial reshuffle, Cyrille Kemmegne invites the authors of the motion to support Paul Biya from the Hauts Plateaux, to speak only in their name. And therefore, not to mix the real elites of this department. 

"We are, of course, at the twilight of a probable ministerial reshuffle, a redistribution of cards and the eagerly awaited sharing by you of the national cake, after your parody of elections on February 9 last. But please, wade calmly in  slush without entraining all the worthy populations of the Hauts-Plateaux that you do not represent in any way. But then in nothing at all! We deserve better than the sputum that you make in the air. When we pass through a sieve or  under the scrutiny of criticism your disastrous exit, it clearly appears that you are only fighting for your folding seats and your prebends. Your absurd, eccentric and botched support motion betrays your eternal greed no more more no less. Do you know how much you throw away  discrediting an entire department to be brought to light in the eyes of the man whose creatures you are, in your own words? ”wrote Kemegne.

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