Thursday, February 13, 2020

Military Vote at NOSO: Here's What Really Happened on that day

Cameroon is definitely on a slope so… delicate that what could become of it risks pushing back several thousands of leagues, the limits of the worst as it is humanly conceivable.

Provided that it is a hoax organized to discredit the complaints of national and international observers in relation to the elections of February 9, 2020, a document in circulation shows that after having voted in place of the populations of the North -West, the very militants of the party in power having deserted the polling stations not to attract the wrath of the separatists, the army would have proclaimed, the day after the municipal election, the results of the Municipalities in the separatist region of the North -West, giving victory to the Rdpc in power 

The curiosities of the last double legislative and municipal ballot in Cameroon never cease to spread. 

The last is the proclamation in a document attributed to the national army of the results of municipal elections in the North West region. Region where, put on mission by President Biya, the elements of the Defense and Security Forces are carrying out a violent repression - a genocide according to certain observers and opponents of the regime in place - against the English-speaking populations, with the aim of eliminating them the artisans and supporters of the secession of what was once British Cameroon. 

Caramba Carambita! Unheard of, even under a junta 

Indeed, the document that leaked on social networks, dated February 10 and bearing the header of the Ministry of Defense (on which depends the 5th region of Gendarmerie) gives, instead of the electoral body, ELECAM, responsible for the organization of electoral and referendum consultations, the results of municipal elections in localities in the North West. As one would expect, all these results are favorable to the party in power, the Rdpc of the head of state Paul Biya. 

The extract from the document that Cameroonvoice publishes in facsimile presents the results of eight (8) municipalities spread over two departments, namely Boyo and Bui.

We see, for example, that in the Boyo populated by around 200,000 (two hundred thousand) souls, a third of whom fled clashes between the Cameroonian army and English-speaking armed groups, and with 57,945 voters registered in 2018, slightly more than 2,700 (less than 5%) people voted. In the Bui department, whose population is estimated at around 400,000, and which had 107,461 registered voters in 2018, less than 5,000 people (also less than 5%) have fulfilled their republican “civic duty”. 

But it is not this information giving a fairly precise idea of ​​what was the participation or abstention rate in this other region undermined by the English-speaking crisis, which captures the attentions although they constitute a scathing denial of official proclamations noting the massive participation of the populations in these elections boycotted by the MRC, the CPP, the FDR and the UPC-Manidem. 

It is rather the fact that the elections here were a matter of soldiers acting on behalf of the ruling party - history will surely remember it. Because during the electoral campaign, we saw the army transporting and dumping in the English-speaking regions thousands of its elements and those of the police, supposedly to secure electoral operations. Indiscretions from the ranks, however, expressed the fear of some who feared deadly clashes with the English-speaking separatists and the possibility that they would give their lives, notwithstanding the power of their means. Already, during the 2018 presidential election, it had been revealed that it was the soldiers, on mission in the English-speaking cities from which they were not originating or resident, who had voted, 

And here in 2020, without the North West being placed under a state of emergency, the army, after having voted in place of the populations, proclaimed the results in place of ELECAM. 

Cameroon is definitely on a slope so… delicate that what could become of it risks pushing back several thousands of leagues, the limits of the worst as it is humanly conceivable.