Sunday, February 16, 2020

Meet the man behind the killing of 32 persons including children, pregnant woman in Ngarbuh village on 14th February

On 14th February 2020, some men of the cameroonian security forces invaded Ngarbuh village, searching of Ambazonian fighters.

They ended up killing 32 people, including women and children and a pregnant woman.

After intense investigation, CNA was able to trace the whole atrocities committed that faithful day to an ex-Amba fighter whose name was given as Nfor Marcel..   Read the Whole story below..

His name is Nfor Marcel, also known as "Bullet". He is a former Ambazonia fighter who joined the DDR Commission, he resigned from fighting about five months before the holding of the Major National Dialogue in October 2019.

The boy from Donga Mantung Division was the lead person during the military and militia raid in Ngarbuh, Ntumbaw  that saw the death of 32 persons ( 5 dead bodies were discovered in the bushes on Saturday) 

He announced in Ntumbaw using the Limbum dialect,  that if the population fail to bring out their sons who are fighting in bushes; they will kill their mothers, fathers,  wives and children. The announcement was followed by a raid on the civilian population. 

"We don't have a problem if these guys join the military to fight the Amba boys, after all ,all of them carry arms and are ready to fight. What we find disturbing is that,  they are putting the entire population in danger and most of these soldiers see killing as a hubby. We are in danger pray for us" An informant told CNA.