Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Me Souop's autopsy: family in pressure

According to the national order of doctors in Cameroon, the family of the spokesperson for the collective of MRC lawyers "prohibited certain investigations which could have been desirable" in the search for the circumstances of the controversial death of the lawyer indicates ONMC in a press release.

According to our sources, it should not be excluded that pressures on the family led him to choose not to "cooperate" with the order of doctors. The latter who wants to return his technical, ethical and deontological investigation report to the Minister of Public Health and no longer public before the press as promised. 

Sources also indicate that sanctions should be taken in the coming weeks against doctors recognized as "professional misconduct" in the care of the famous lawyer who died on January 16, 2020. As a reminder, justice already holds the report autopsy performed last Saturday by a team of forensic scientists in Yaoundé Death of Me Souop: the family opposes access to the body (ONMC) 

The death of Me Sylvain Souop, lawyer at the Cameroon Bar and counselor of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), on January 16, 2020 in very vague circumstances at the Center des Urgences de Yaoundé (CURY), had caused collective excitement within his corporation, and even within the medical profession. 

The National Order of Doctors of Cameroon (ONMC) then decided to set up an independent Ad Hoc Commission, "responsible for shedding light, from a technical, ethical and deontological point of view, on the circumstances surrounding the death of Maitre Sylvain Souop".

The said commission completed its work, and announced it in a press release made public on February 14, in which it describes the difficulties encountered during its mission, in this case with the family of the deceased. "Counsel for the family of the late disappeared have prohibited certain investigations which might have been desirable (in particular the access to the mortal remains of the deceased), as well as any communication relating to his medical file", indicates the ONMC. 

In all likelihood, the family of the order could not perform an autopsy on the body of Me Sylvain Souop, in order to elucidate the circumstances of his death. 

Nevertheless, the Doctors indicate that they will produce a report, intended for the only Minister of Public Health (MINSANTE), Malachie Manaouda, who had ordered it. 

The ONMC admits that shortcomings occurred during the care of the late lawyer at CURY, and that these shortcomings will also be the subject of a careful analysis, in order to establish the responsibilities of the people involved in this drama, and draw the consequences. 

It should be noted that the National Bar Association has also opened an investigation to determine the real causes of the death of their colleague, and that its report has not yet been made public. 

For the record, the MRC Council died on January 16 in Yaoundé, four days after a traffic accident at the entrance to the city of Bafoussam. A priori, he got away with just a minor fracture of the right arm.