Monday, February 10, 2020

Maurice Kamto's success in the diaspora: Paul Biya has gone wild

The public exit of Paul BIYA in front of the media, Équinoxe TV interdict, at the exit of his polling station at the public school of Bastos in Yaoundé showed a man reassembled and exasperated by the slogan of boycott of the MRC and the Cpp by Kah WALLA.

He has completely lost his mastery by using insults to speak of the MRC and the Cpp which he will roughly describe as “small parties”. 

It is often the reaction of an overwhelmed person who wants to hurt his opponent. This vulgarity of language of Paul Biya, worries even his own supporters who come to understand that Maurice Kamto is touching the Biya regime in the heart. 

Never before have we seen Paul Biya calling on the people to go and vote, in the middle of a voting day, as he did today. 

This means that the information received from the intelligence services at mid-day of the vote is very bad for him, the message of the boycott being widely followed.

Paul Biya is aware that through this vote, there is a question of legitimacy between him and Maurice Kamto. 

Even if Elecam sometimes falsified the participation rate, international observers and diplomatic representations will have seen the reality on the ground. 

Paul Biya knows this and that is why he freaked out yesterday at noon.

Journalist: Manu Nguea