Friday, February 14, 2020

Maurice Kamto's 'brain' reply to Jeune Afrique

The latter sent a right of reply to the Pan-African magazine in which he specifies that he has no link with the MRC and the Anti-Sardinards Brigade.

On January 20, 2020, well before the departure of Maurice Kamto, the leader of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) for the West as part of a work tour in several countries, Cameroon-Info.Net devoted to it an article, in which it was specified that the supporters of the Cameroonian opponent were preparing to give him a triumphant welcome. This article was taken from a press article appearing on page 11 of the 3080 edition of the magazine Jeune Afrique published on January 19, 2020. The said publication entitled "The diaspora is preparing its revolution" referred to the preparations for the ex - 2018 presidential candidate and painted Ghislain Nokam as the linchpin of this work tour. 

“On January 18 in Cologne (Germany), the Anti-Sardinard Brigades (BAS) of Europe and North America were to meet to discuss the future of their opposition movement to President Paul Biya. These diaspora organizations on the front line of the protest plan operations from France, Ou Thian Abdoulaye, aka Calibri Calibro, founded the first BAS in 2018. 

Since the movement has spread to Germany, to the United Kingdom (where it is directed by Emmanuel Kemta), in the United States (with the “general” Madi Kom), in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada. The BAS work in particular with Robert Waffo Wanto, head of the Cameroonian diaspora council, Brice Nitcheu, from the Collective of democratic organizations in the Cameroonian diaspora, and Mado Sawama, from the group of Amazons in France.

According to our information, these allies are preparing the reception of the opponent Maurice Kamto in Europe and North America, in liaison with Ghislain Nokam, part of his party, the MRC, in France. Kamto is expected in Paris, February 1 in Montreal, from 5 to 7, in Toronto on 8 and in Washington from 9 to 11 ", could we read in the columns of the magazine founded by Bechir Ben Yahmed 

However, a few hours after the publication of the above-mentioned press article, on January 20, 2020, Ghislain Nokam sent a right of reply to Jeune Afrique. In this document which he subsequently sent to the editors of Cameroon-Info.Net this Wednesday, February 12, 2020, the latter denies any affiliation with the MRC and the Anti-Sardinard Brigade and claims to be a member of civil society , deputy mayor of the city of Touques, near Deauville in Normandy, France.

"There is no doubt that you have wrongly associated me with all the other persons and entities mentioned in your article insofar as not only do they and I maintain no relation, but in addition I never had to meet one of these people, called the Brigade anti-sardinards (BAS)

I am a member of civil society, deputy mayor of my city, Touques (near Deauville in Normandy), I have never been a member of 'a Cameroonian political party, I am not an activist of the MRC and even less a member of this party. 

You therefore understand that your article is highly defamatory towards me. 

Also, at the same time as I would be grateful to you to publish in the same forms this right of reply in your next publication. I inform you of the imminent referral of French justice against your newspaper and any attendant implicated in this unprofessional act, "he wrote.