Sunday, February 2, 2020

Maurice Kamto will send some journalist to prison if emerged President, NKWEBO DENIS

Former journalist for the daily newspaper Le Jour reacted to the words of the national president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), Maurice Kamto, at the location of the international Canal 2 television channel during his press conference held in Paris on January 30, prior to its meeting on February 1, 2020.

Facing the press on January 30, the opponent accused the "green chain" of being insensitive to the multiple socio-political crises that Cameroon is going through. "I have never heard Canal 2 put the question to those who are behind the multifaceted violence ... I have never heard Canal 2 condemn the crisis in the North West and South West, ask why it is has turned into a conflict that has been going on for three years and why we refuse to resolve it, "he reacted to a question from a journalist from Canal2. 

This response from Maurice Kamto arouses reactions in the Cameroonian media space. If the journalists of Canal 2 International demanded an apology to the politician, Denis Kwebo, president of the National Syndicate of Journalists of Cameroon, believes that this position of the boss of the MRC would be "radical extremism". In this sense, he says: "When Maurice Kamto is president, all journalists who are not won over to his cause will go to prison. Example taken from his anger against a colleague from Canal2 " 

Let us recall that Maurice Kamto is holding this Saturday February 1, 2020, a meeting in Paris to "thank and pay a vibrant tribute to all the Cameroonian diaspora for the unconditional support for him and his fellow prisoners during the period of their imprisonment. He comes to remind them that the struggle continues for the liberation of the other activists of the MRC including the vice-president Mamadou Mota still detained and the liberation of the whole of Cameroon ”