Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Magba: Re-elected mayor accused of corruption

10 municipal councilors Rdpc claim that the municipal magistrate distributed 10 million CFA francs stolen from municipal funds to some of their colleagues to secure their vote.

Dieudonné Mbouen is the new mayor of the commune of Magba, a district located in the department of Noun in the West region. He was appointed on February 20, 2020 last, during the session of the council of right. He obtained the votes of 15 municipal councilors out of the 25 present. He re-stacks for a second five-year term.

Only in the aftermath of this victory, many voices are raised to denounce the acts of corruption that punctuated the election. A group of 10 municipal councilors, led by a certain Lipe Yacouba, affirms that there has been a "purchase of consciences", numerous irregularities, and that the vote must be resumed. “On February 17, 2020, during the internal election, the municipal councilors appointed me as the mayor of the municipality of Magba, in view of all the financial and other efforts that I made throughout the election campaign. We were four candidates, I largely beat my three competitors. But it was great to my surprise that the day before the full session, several advisers called me and asked me to give how much. How much money to get me to vote for? They told me that another candidate gave them each an envelope of 500,000 CFA francs. I told them I don't do corruption, I have nothing to give them. And the next day, the last on the list of the vote that we had done internally was elected mayor, to my great surprise, "said the municipal councilor Ldp Yacouba.

The other municipal councilors who decided to remain anonymous indicate that Dieudonné Mbouen, the current elected mayor, on the eve of the vote, went to the collection of the treasure in Magba to disburse the sum of 10 million FCFA to bribe the councilors municipal. Each adviser, according to them, having received the sum of 500,000 FCFA. “The central committee of the Rdpc in a circular had also asked that since the deputy is already Tikar, that the mayor who will be elected be Bamoun. A decision which already disqualified the current mayor since he is of Tikar origin. However, he violated this provision of the central committee of the Rdpc to represent himself, bribe the municipal councilors and stay at the town hall. We wrote to the central committee to request that the elections be canceled, ”said a furious city councilor.

The Magba sub-prefect, Jean Jacques Nsang Ekonde, whom we met claims to have had no wind of any corruption. “According to the law, it is the prefect who supervises town halls and not the sub-prefect. During the session of right, the first prefectural assistant of Noun was present in the room, sent by the prefect. So me, at my level, I was there just as an observer. If there has been corruption, it is before the proceedings of the session as of right, since they cannot commit acts of corruption before us. According to the law, everything went according to the rules, ”says the Magba sub-prefect.

The tax collector who is accused of having disbursed the 10 million which were used to purchase the conscience refused to speak, on the pretext that he received no authorization from his hierarchy. Within the party, the president of the Ojrdpc and the president of the Rdpc section of Magba claim that they have had complaints and evidence that the vote was peppered with corruption. But according to them, it is the central committee of the Rdpc that returns the last word.

Within the population, opinions are divided. Those who support the current mayor say that all this is only jealousy "because Dieudonné Mbouen has made great achievements and that he deserved to be re-elected". Besides, other more radicals think that the time had come to have a mayor who could carry the development projects of the district, and for that they had chosen Lipe Yacouba who is an intellectual, teacher at the University of Dschang. It is in this undecided climate that all await the decision of the central committee of the Rdpc in Yaoundé. The accused mayor refutes all the charges brought against him.

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