Monday, February 24, 2020

Macron's revelations: the BAS is gaining power, Paul Biya worries!

This is the battle in Cameroon, following the shock wave caused by public conversation on Saturday between a Cameroonian activist from the Anti-Sardinard Brigade (BAS) and the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

We have thus learned from various sources close to the presidency and the Intelligence Service, that the shocked Cameroonian authorities do not intend to remain without reaction after the words of the French head of state, which still resounds here as a resounding and unprecedented disavowal vis-à-vis Cameroonian President Paul Biya, for some, and for others, as a victory for the democratic camp against the regime. 

To do this, alert our sources, hierarchs and strategists of the regime handpicked and recruited mainly in the military intelligence, counterintelligence circles, as well as in the ranks of the army and conventional police, without forget the press, would have met on Saturday, on the initiative of the National Security Council overseen by Atanga Nji, also Minister of Territorial Administration. 

A French montage with the help of BAS? 

During the strategic meeting, a communication plan would have been put in place to denounce through the national and “pan-African… nist” press and possibly the so-called anti-globalization media, “the misappropriation” of France’s African policy by an “inexperienced Emmanuel Macron ", Ignoring the subtleties of diplomatic language, which" plays to endorse anarchists and war-mongers who want to prevent Cameroon and its courageous leader, the nationalist and patriotic president Paul Biya, from continuing their march towards the emergence 2035."

Above all, it will be a question of demonstrating here that the new attitude of the French president has simply reinforced anti-French sentiment in Cameroon, even in Africa, and that it is only Macron's revenge on the regime which has not did what was necessary for Bolloré to come into possession of the Container terminal of the Autonomous Port of Douala, the main port of Cameroon and the CEMAC sub-region.

In order not to stop on the way, it would have been suggested that the arrest of Macron by a Cameroonian be presented as a montage organized by the French secret services which would have involved a paperless. And only the private media (audiovisual media in particular, written and cybernetic), which would be responsible for this task, while the government media, them, should only be involved incidentally, in a residual manner, by interposed guests, so that the officials French do not see the shadow of the real sponsors. 

Sporadic and very recurrent Internet outages, at the same rate as the electricity that is sometimes cut 20 to 30 times in a day, would also have been suggested to cut diaspora activists from their local bases, which instantly heat them up blank, almost minute by minute, in preparation for a popular insurrection. 

To this communication component of the alleged counter-offensive, there would be another, politico-security, even military, that one, including ultras from the regime not members of the government and even less of the National Security Council, but having “voice preponderant ”are the initiators. They intend to rely, for the implementation of their plan, on elements of the special police and army units, active or retired, but of undeniable loyalty to the regime, therefore ready to kill or to be killed to ensure the survival of the regime. 

Who wants stability prepares for horror?

This component would have as main articulation, a series of acts likely to create a climate of insecurity and to justify an increase in the security offer. A well-introduced source evokes terrorist acts of varying degrees of magnitude to be attributed to the secessionists, whose establishment in French-speaking regions of outposts, operated by armed activists arrived in the wake of hundreds of internally displaced persons, will be reported. observed over the past three years from the northwest and southwest. 

Douala, the economic capital and the neighboring agglomerations of Moungo which host installations belonging to French investors and Bamilékés (now to be put in the same bag?) Could be the first targets. 

As for the capital, Yaoundé, it should be spared, but could serve as a theater for peaceful protests by Cameroonian patriots - whom the police will "try" to repress - against the imperialist powers. Those who think otherwise should not try to get noticed for the circumstance, if so, at their own risk. 

The same source mentions a resumption of kidnappings of Cameroonian children, first, and foreigners then, all accompanied by videos, which will be signed by “Anglophones of the regime” on behalf of genuine English-speaking separatist or “restorationist” movements. 

thus succeeding in surviving Jacques Chirac with whom he had ended up making him his friend after having preferred his socialist adversary Lionel Jospin during the presidential election of 1995, then Nicolas Sarkozy, who swore that he would disqualify all regimes remained too long in power in Africa including that in place in Cameroon, and François Hollande who, after having gesticulated against the regime was forced to come to Yaoundé to receive with his own hands, the humiliation of his life: “Do not last in power who wants, but lasts who can ”. ". after having gesticulated against the regime, he was forced to come to Yaoundé to receive with his own hands, the humiliation of his life: "Do not last to the power who wants, but hard who can". ". after having gesticulated against the regime, he was forced to come to Yaoundé to receive with his own hands, the humiliation of his life: "Do not last to the power who wants, but hard who can".