Monday, February 24, 2020

Macron's Revelation: Suzanne Kala's salty letter to the Cameroonians in diaspora

We have rarely heard in recent months, the Journalist and member of the National Council of Communication but, faced with this diaspora more and more virulent vis-√†-vis Cameroon and its rulers, she wanted to "put its grain of salt ”.

“It seems to me when you read that what you say about Cameroon is out of step with the reality that I observe. That the way you characterize the Biya diet seems to me more mechanical than analyzed. 

My dear compatriots and dear compatriots, By your activism you had the merit of making? Overflowing but not always effective you rise to the surface of public space a debate that has always preoccupied me since I returned to Cameroon, there now has two decades: it's the gap between a fantasized country, which we see as we dream, without knowing if we want to transform the dream or the country and the real country in which we live millions of Cameroonians, whom we outside have always believed ignorant, less to the fact that we of their reality, of the system in which they live that some undergo and others less! 

What motivated the letter is the reading of all your leaflets whose whistleblower content could have crowds if the tone was more correct and the antiphon less to ignite old. If I believe in the tribunitian function of denunciation, I am firmly persuaded that it is necessary to compare facts to be able to win millions of Cameroonians in a fight so that a New Kamerun is born. 

Now it seems to me when reading to you that what you say about Cameroon is out of step with the reality that I observe. That the way you characterize the Biya diet seems to me more mechanical than analyzed. Suddenly, your combat strategies miss the revolutionary plate and do not gain the support of the masses. I know you won't allow me to retort that the masses are stupid, stunned by their fate, they cut over time, so as not to be out of step with their analyzes? essentially? daily. Let the truth come across the Atlantic. 

Since here, we have so much the nose glued on the handlebars, that we hardly turn! From the top of the Eifel Tower, you can see the? Have the wonders of the World wheels and the Tower of Pisa may be in permanent imbalance, those of you who row in Venice, Paris where London have the pretension and the papers that 'It is necessary to describe the present of Africa and to foresee with an ultra lucid clairvoyance, what tomorrow will be for all of us. I want to tell you come back down to earth.

Quickly descend the steps of the Eiffel Tower, crush your magnifying glasses vigorously and let's look together at what is wrong with your approach. I think you need to dust off a lot of your models. More than ever you need to reconsider your paradigms, your angles of attack. Because what makes Paul Biya's longevity today are the tactical and strategic mistakes of his opponents. And these adversaries have in common not to see Cameroon for what it is, as it is with its potential and its weaknesses. 

No, they see it as it is seen through the mesh of a neo-third-worldist grid, which made the criticism of imperialism its workhorse, without knowing if imperialism had changed form and what impact have these changes had on the political? 

Everything goes on revolutionary doctrine had been in your complaints as if the exhausted with MaoTs√©Toung, Castro and even Engels. As if the structure of the economic system had not spawned new monsters forcing the fighters to revise their approach and tactics. To read behind your invectives, your anger and a little your despair, I can not fail to remember these 70s, where still young schoolgirl, all kneaded of my new Marxist knowledge, I gave lessons of class struggle to my parents aristo -bourgeois, from the height of my eighteen years. 

I had the passion, the blindness and naturally the misunderstanding of youth. But utopia? I took my ignorance for absolute knowledge. I had convinced to hold the? necessarily? dogmatic, scholarly and the critical criticism to get Africa out of the miasmas of underdevelopment. I then underestimated the power of white propaganda and how much it had brainwashed us, including us who thought we were revolutionary. 

It intellectual I will have to return to understand in which torpor grasp the way? and? had condemned us the arrogance of our peripheral certainties that we had to approach the question of the change on the continent. At the time, I knew there was a sham somewhere, but I didn't know exactly where to locate it.

The imposture was our quirky and delayed way of seeing Africa: we did not see it as a continent, a whole complex, but as a state governed puppet presidents and dictators, in the pay of? By "the imperialism whose reality stopped at the gates of their palaces, the walls of prisons and the cries of mutilated militants”. 

We had reduced Africa to a single scheme, without trying to understand what its own dynamics were, so as to work on its capacity to change and on the social dynamics which still make it stand up. We were blinded by the assurance of those who are convinced that they are at the center of knowledge. 

But what about our struggles? What fights had we fought in France in London in the United States, to pretend to teach the others and dear? Compatriots? A way of fighting? My dear ones, I find in your temper, my rage for? of the diaspora,? compatriots youth and in your words my supreme arrogance. I do not blame you. But, we have to move on. It is really necessary that the country of you, with more intelligence, change. For this we need only the one you are demonstrating today. 

We need you with more humility and a keen sense of analysis. We need you for front programs based on a just understanding of who we are today. And not what we have been given as the ideology of smuggling as the place of any revolutionary strategy. Dear compatriots and dear compatriots, how long have we not had revolutionary thinkers? Since Marx wrote Capital, how many of you have lent your knowledge to the development of new doctrines? How many of you have searched the bowels of Africa to extract the substantial marrow? Little very little. 

No, you are interested in rhinestones and glitter. To palates and not to straw huts. Alongside spectacular politics. The visible. The laughable. The grotesque. The lanterns that make the displacement of a head of state in Paris shine. You think you are giving importance to a fact which is only the culmination of a long process: why didn't you have Paul? Prevented the French Prime Minister from coming to prepare the Biya visit on July 21, 2009? Why didn't you go on a hunger strike, the moment you knew that the Defense Agreements between Cameroon and France had been modified? Why didn't you yell and sharply reprimand Nicolas Sarkozy about the state of his politics in Africa?

Dear compatriots, demonstrate! Express yourself! But don't forget to update your paradigms and be a little more imaginative! Go and draw from your intelligence the reserves of creativity necessary to change the situation in Africa. 

Dig a little better in your literature to find the traceability needed for a revolutionary project. Now if you are bored and you miss the country: get out of your low-cost housing or your bourgeois apartments. Don't be suffocated by the nostalgic smoke of country dishes. Break away from your immigrant habits. 

Take a plane ticket with us every three months and come and think about the best strategy to get the country out of the clutches of all the impostors. I know you can read me and I can already see your objections. But it doesn't matter: I'm waiting. I am ready for debate. The columnist. Your servant E (I want this E, final) ".