Sunday, February 23, 2020

Macron's Revelation: Luc Perry Wandji Insulting Ernest Obama Deliberately on Vision 4

Following the release of the former Director General of Vision 4, Ernest Obaman relating to the revelations of French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday in Paris, the journalist Luc Perry Wandji published on his Facebook page a reflection in which he asked his colleague to be silent.

Describing Ernest Obama's reaction as a "poorly rendered comment", Luc Perry Wandji believes that the latter has shown "a useless and stupid verbal escalation that will not make things better". 

CameroonWeb offers you the full reaction of Luc Perry Wandji 

M. Obama: shut up! 

I just followed a poorly rendered comment, a rambling paper from Mr. Obama from Vision 4. 

An insulting text towards the French president: a useless and silly verbal escalation that will not make matters better. 

And in truth, President Biya does not need it.

The Go-to-war that Obama shows in this "bad text", calling Calibro Calibri "terrorist" has the sole purpose of setting fire to the powder. 

For my part, I express the ardent wish that all, as much as we are, we would come out of our trenches to invest the places of a frank dialogue which leads us towards an authentic reconciliation. It is urgent! 

To this end, it is necessary to renounce, and very quickly, in contempt, the disdainful glance that certain francs shooters from all sides focus on the Cameroonian diasporas. 

To return to the draft of the former director of Vision 4; what strikes me is not so much the editorial positioning that works on it, it is the grotesque and falsely patriotic character of a work that aims to be journalistic and that deals with subtle and serious things by borrowing from the lexicon of the street, with the bonus of excess that reminds us that our friend from Vision 4 so often likes to wallow in "neighborhood business". 

I mean precisely that this guy can't write. However, when you pretend to defend President Biya, you must have a minimum of talent and intelligence. 

It can help!