Monday, February 24, 2020

Macron only told the truth, Says Jean De Dieu Momo

It is a very original reading that the minister delegate Jean De Dieu Momo made of the exit of the French president. Jean de Dieu Momo gave a second degree reading of Macron's words. He spoke on the set of Canal 2 International, on the program “Canal Presse“.

For the Minister Delegate in charge of Justice, Cameroonians have reason to be proud of their president. Because with the words of Emmanuel Macron, we understand that France must use pressure, harassment, to get something from Paul Biya. 

Paul Biya, an independent president at the head of Cameroon 

"I observe that President Emmanuel Macron has cleared us of a certain opposition which thinks that Cameroon is a French department, headed by a French governor. They even sometimes say that he is a sub-prefect. Macron has just affirmed that Cameroon is directed by an independent president who does not obey, who does not accept. And that he is forced to go through pressure, so violence, harassment, robbery, to be able to get something from him, some contracts, that we release such ", said Jean De Dieu Momo . 

Cameroon under pressure from France 

Continuing his analysis, Jean De Dieu Momo ensures that in fact the use of pressure is very widespread in international relations. So for him, Macron therefore only told the truth. Indeed, he believes that Cameroon is often a victim of pressure from France, he argues.

"When you have a president who has to be pressured to get something ... And I must say that it is not new. International relations are dominated by pressure. Macron only told the truth. Cameroon is under pressure from France in the context of the hybrid wars that are imposed on us. Cameroon is under pressure in the context of the predations of which we are the victims, ”he explains. 

Maximum pressure 

Saturday, at the Paris Agricultural Show, Emmanuel Macron had indicated, responding to a BAS activist, that he will make the "maximum" pressure on Paul Biya for a solution in the English-speaking regions. In addition, President Macron also said he was aware of the "intolerable" violence going on. 

On a completely different level, Macron also revealed that he had put pressure on Paul Biya to obtain the release of Maurice Kamto.