Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Latest: Paul Biya's new salary exceeds Macron, Trump, Poutine

The revelations on the salary of Paul Biya, Cameroonian president shock Cameroonian opinion. He receives annually 367,667,642 FCFA, monthly 30,638,970 FCFA, weekly 7,070,532 FCFA and the daily salary is 1,414,106 FCFA. Figures published on its platform by which shows the salaries of presidents around the world and celebrities.

Against all expectations, the great Lion of Etoudi triples the salary of French President Emmanuel Macron with whom he is currently in cold for having addressed humiliating remarks to him in France. Paul Biya has nothing to envy the French president who can "be his grandson". According to the figures, the Elysée tenant earns 9,928,452 FCFA monthly when Biya receives 30,638,970 FCFA. A big gap between a president who heads an African state prone to war, to the socio-economic crisis. As the other would say, "In Cameroon, everything is fine". 

The French President is not the only one he exceeds, there are also Donald Trump and Vladimir Poutine, 

Paul Biya is also ahead of some of his African peers. As is the case of the Zambian president 2 141 429 FCFA and that of South Africa, 12 873 412 FCFA.

Besides this privilege, he benefits from other advantages which differ widely from his peers in the sub-region. "A small calculation allows us to note that at the end of the year, with 30,921,000 FCFA per month (including salaries and benefits), plus the 650 million Fcfa linked to the 10% commission on public contracts in the budget investment, Paul Biya could end up with a little more than 781.052.000Fcfa ', in a publication of the pan-African magazine JeuneAfrique. 

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