Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kamto security: United States Congress warns Paul Biya

Knowing the degree of animosity and cynicism of Yaoundé, the American Congress increases the pressure on BIYA as regards the security of the president of the MRC.

It is in this sense that Karen Bass, member of the American Congress, warns BIYA to ensure the security of Maurice Kamto on his return to Cameroon this week. 

Below is the congress member's statement translated by our editorial staff 

"Last month, I met Maurice Kamto to discuss democracy and human rights in Cameroon. Now that he returns, he is concerned about his safety. Democracy cannot survive under the threat of violence.

I urge President BIYA to grant Mr. Kamto the freedom to exercise his civil liberties without fear of reprisals, "read this tweet from Karen Bass." 

Source: The TGV of info