Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kah Walla: "If Paul Biya leaves today, we have a chance to recover English speakers"

Kah Walla wants Cameroonians to take to the streets. For the politician, the people must, by the street, bring down the regime of Paul Biya.

According to the president of the Cameroon people party (Cpp) even dares to compare Omar El Bechir and Paul Biya. Indeed, the Sudanese president was ousted from power after a popular revolt.

On the airwaves of ABK radio, on the program “Osons le dire“, Kah Walla believes that a departure from Paul Biya could allow a resolution of the English-speaking crisis.

"Biya's violence is nothing like that of Omar Hassan el-Bechir (Sudanese president overturned by the street Editor's note). If Paul Biya leaves today, we have a chance to recover the English speakers, ”said Kah Walla.
According to the 55-year-old activist, the fall of Paul Biya is the only way to bring peace to English-speaking areas.

Kah Walla even reflects on the post-Biya period. In fact, according to her, after the departure of Paul Biya, we will have to set up a transitional government. This government would do two years and lead the real national dialogue.

In legislative and municipal elections, Kah Walla also campaigned for the boycott.

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