Saturday, February 29, 2020

'It's finish! Paul Biya is kept under house arrest in Etoudi... by Michael Fogaing

Since the heroic action of our compatriot Abdoulaye Thiam, whose activist nickname is Calibri Calibro, whose epic conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Paris International Agricultural Show has enabled the whole world to grasp the extent of the throes of the dictatorship in Cameroon and to take note of the total vassalage of the regime of Paul Barthélemy Biya Bi Mvondo in France, the thuriferarians of the dictatorial regime in place in Yaoundé (the Sardinards) go out of their way to try to redirect all the attention thus created, by a diversion which calls into question the loyalty and the Cameroonian nationality of Calibri Calibro.

In doing so, the Sardinards are trying to divert attention from the immense humiliation resulting from the sham of the master / slave relationship thus revealed in broad daylight by the spectacular gesture of Calibri. 

In other words, the Sardinards prefer to attack the messenger, rather than lucidly taking note of the very serious secrets revealed, of the complete subjugation of Cameroon to France, and of the throes of the dictatorship of Paul Barthélemy Biya Bi Mvondo in Cameroon. 

It is neither the BAS, nor the other political activists of the diaspora that defile the brand image of Cameroon. 

It is rather the members of the regime in place, who have allowed evils to flourish in our country such as the genocide of Anglophones, repetitive electoral masquerades, the rampant impoverishment of the Cameroonian people, the state of vassalage in Cameroon, systematic predation and unpunished state resources, illegal deprivation of civic freedoms, the chronic underdevelopment of Cameroon, the multiple horrors of the dictatorship of Paul Barthélemy Biya, etc., which dramatically contaminate the brand image of Cameroon. 

These leaders and their Sadinard sympathizers forget to recognize that by installing and maintaining these evils in Cameroon, they have in reality justified and motivated the legitimate fight of the activists they vilify today. 

If these basic problems that plague our country were or are resolved at the source, the struggle of the diaspora and the BAS will disappear by itself, as a result.

This futile attempt to divert the Sardinards from their humiliation is a big off topic, for several reasons: 

Whether Calibri Calibro is Japanese, Argentinian, Nepalese, Hungarian or even Martian, this does not in any way affect the correctness or the relevance of the causes and motives above listed, which found his political struggle. These misdeeds of the Biya regime are proven facts verifiable that the Sardinards can neither contest, nor contradict with the shadow of the least credibility, or succeed in hiding. Contemporary history teaches us moreover that other Calibri Calibro, like Barack Obama in the USA, Jerry Rawlings in Ghana, Bob Marley in Jamaica, to name but a few, each contributed more than the vast majority of other citizens, advancing the country of one of their respective parents, whom they chose to serve. 

If the Sardinards suddenly want to give a lesson in nationalism to the activist patriots of the Cameroonian diaspora who are simply fighting for a democratic change in Cameroon, this lesson will have to begin by being given first to the first of the Cameroonian puppets, Paul Biya who was appointed by France in 1982 to his current post of colonial governor of France in Cameroon, position improperly called by cunning President of the Republic of Cameroon; He has also always declared himself, publicly, in Mondovision, as being the best student in France. In addition, he himself declares to anyone who wants to hear it, before television stations around the world, that he reports to the French Presidents on his management of Cameroon, in particular on the organization of the "Grand National Dialogue". 

Regardless of the nationality of Calibri Calibro, the effectiveness of his political actions to date has already obtained undeniable convincing and decisive results in advancing the fight for change in court, and these results are of historic proportions. Indeed:

Thanks to the spectacular actions of the Anti Sardinard Brigade (BAS) that Calibri Calibro has set up and command in chief, the BAS has already succeeded in ending the vacation at the cost of millions of dollars from the colonial treasury of colonial governor Paul Biya in the intercontinental hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. In fact, President Biya is now banned from any private stay in Europe by BAS. In short, the BAS effectively assigned Paul Biya to a sort of house arrest in his large prison that has become Cameroon. In doing so, his expensive vacation at the Geneva continental hotel is over;

The diaspora is now very mobilized, thanks in part to the contribution of BAS;

Evident signs and indicators of the puppet role of France played by Paul Biya have just been confirmed beyond any doubt by the scathing statements of French President Emmanuel Macron of February 22. Thus, the French master has publicly removed the mask from his puppet. Consequently, the fact that Paul Bathélemy Biya is effectively the colonial governor of France in Cameroon no longer suffers from any possible dispute. Cameroonians owe this other important revelation and public demonstration of the vassal nature of the regime in place in Cameroon, to the political action of Calibri. 

The French and international media which until date refused to inform their public on the crimes, massacres, genocide of the Anglophones of Cameroon or the throes of the dictatorship of Paul Biya were forced last Saturday, by the only action of Calibri, to broadcast live the eloquent conversation on these issues, of surgical precision, between President Macron and Calibri, a solemn circumstance of the International Agricultural Show in Paris requires! 

On the same occasion, his televised conversation with President Macron also revealed that President-elect Maurice Kamto, his allies and nearly 200 activists from his political party, the MRC, were released from prison where they were illegally kidnapped thanks to a French injunction and not because of any letter requesting an apology and pardon from these hostages or the slightest magnanimity of Paul Biya, contrary to the false allegations cleverly disseminated by rogue laudators of the Regime of the dictator Biya. 

Some of these thuriferous cynics of the regime went so far as to declare having consulted with their own eyes this so-called letter of apology and pardon from President Maurice Kamto, in the central prison of Yaoundé. Their credibility has just fallen to zero, following the manifestation of the truth from the lips of President Macron, thanks to the action of Calibri. 

Never in the history of political activism has a member of civil society achieved such a high level of success, where the Cameroonian puppet president reports to his French master (President Macron), who in turn reports of his activities and those of his puppet to Calibri, and await his instructions from Calibri in order to transfer them in turn to the puppet President of Cameroon. I leave a little exercise of the principle of the mathematical notion of transitivity to conclude that according to you, in this case, ultimately gives his instructions to Paul Biya! As my Cameroonian compatriots say in popular language of the national soil, "laughter wants to kill me". 

Finally, most important of all, Calibri succeeded, by its solitary action of last Saturday, February 22 at the agricultural show in Paris, to push the French President, Emmanuel Macron to take publicly and in mondovision a series of concrete commitments on the situation of the English-speaking genocide, the deficit in the electoral process, contempt for civil liberties and the other horrors of the dictatorship of its governor Paul Barthélemy Biya in Cameroon. The Cameroonian and French peoples, France's partners and the international community as a whole are impatiently awaiting the concrete results of this commitment, which puts the credibility of France and its President on the hot seat.

In conclusion, when 

it was created, nobody sold the skin of the Anti Sardinards Brigade (BAS) dearly. 

I confess that we too were among those who seriously doubted the effectiveness of such a brigade in the era of the international fight against terrorism. But, it is clear that the BAS has never used or practiced terrorism, and contributes in a conventional, but very effective, to political activism for political change in Cameroon, according to the rules of the art and in full compliance with the regulations of each host country in which it is installed. 

The results of the fight obtained to date thanks to the BAS are impressive. 

In this context of undeniable success of Calibri Calibro and BAS in advancing our collective and common fight for positive change in our country, the origin or the real or supposed nationality of the activist does not matter. 

It is also important to remember that if the evils that gnaw at our country were or are resolved at the source, the struggle of the diaspora and the BAS will disappear by itself. Also, it is wiser for the dictatorship in place in Yaoundé to focus its agitation rather on resolving the root causes behind the fight of its opponents, and not on a futile diversion.

History is watching us. To each his conscience. 

May the federal Cameroon live, just, inclusive, peaceful and master of its destiny.

Journalist: Michael Fogaing