Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Investigation: the untold story of the execution of 4 young people by the army in Bangem

From reliable sources, the 4 young people summarily executed by the army in Bangem, in the Kupe Manengouba (southwest English-speaking) were instrumentalized by a faction of the English-speaking independence movement to compete with another, rival. Arrested thanks to the local populations, the unfortunates were delivered to the Cameroonian soldiers who killed them without any form of trial.

Since February 9, circulate on social networks the images of 4 young people sitting on the ground, their haggard eyes and a homemade rifle placed on each of them, facing a soldier taking pictures at from a smartphone. For agents of the regime of Paul Biya who shared these images on their Facebook wall with excitement, they are separatist fighters captured by the army during the fighting in Bangem, in the Kube Manengouba, in the English-speaking southwest. But according to the investigations of your online newspaper, not only these young people (1) have never been committed and recognized separatists but also (2) have never been in a position to fight against Cameroonian army at the time they are killed. 

In their struggle for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia as an independent state (in principle since October 1, 1961), the English-speaking people have structured the movement in such a way that what serves 13 departments in the northwest and the south - West Anglophone following the territorial division of the government of Yaoundé, is considered as "counties (counties)" in the jargon of the English-speaking revolution. The boroughs attached to these 13 departments are called “local governments areas” known by the acronym LGA. And each LGA has a department responsible for security matters. All of this is overseen from abroad by the Interim Government (IG) led by Pastor Samuel Sako Ikome, based in Maryland in the USA. According to the strategy implemented by the IG, 

Ambazonian Government Council 

Opposite, the IG is fought by the Ambazonian Government Council (AGC) led from Norway by Ayaba Cho Lucas. This faction, in light of its actions, is suspected of being supported by the government of Yaoundé. is in possession of the screenshot of a Whatsapp exchange between Ayaba Cho and one of its warlords. During this exchange, the first asked the second to neutralize all the armed groups acquired from the IG and underlined that the senator and businessman Victor Mukete, close to the government of Yaoundé, gave him money to do so. The AGC's armed wing, the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) is also accused of committing atrocities against the local population, including kidnappings for ransom. The AGC challenges the “County by County, LGA by LGA” strategy implemented by the IG. For him.

It is thus, and according to our sources, that activists and members of AGC created and financed a group of 7 young people from the LGA of Ngusi-Tombel to go "to fight" in the LGA of Bangem. But instead of fighting, they attacked the population. On the way back to Tombel, they began to mistreat the people with their handguns and to vandalize the stalls. One of the victims informed his brother in Yaoundé, who in turn contacted the Bangem military camp, which deployed ten soldiers in the area. But before the military intervened, says a local source, these 7 young people took hostage a beverage store owner at his place of business. It was his customers present who intervened and the surrounding populations were stirred. 

War crime 

It was therefore when these young people were at the palace of this local traditional chief to be questioned that the soldiers burst into the country. Of the 3 that escaped, one was shot on the spot and the other 2 melted into the wild. The remaining 4 were arrested by the soldiers and taken to the Bangem military camp. So these are the young people in the photo. Everything suggests that they were summarily executed by the soldiers who arrested them. Let us remember that the real separatist fighters do not have the vocation to attack the population which brings them their support besides. The power of Yaoundé also maintains in the English-speaking regions armed bands (vigilance committees according to official propaganda) who kidnap for ransoms, kill and behead, 

The AGC camp denies being behind these 7 young people. In a post on his Facebook account on February 10, 2020 at 6:45 am, Kingsley Ebong, an English-speaking pro-independence activist close to the AGC faction, rather accuses the IG of having sacrificed these young people without providing them with appropriate weapons. Anyway, it appears from the circumstances of the arrest of these 7 young people that they had no experience in combat and were never killed in a confrontation with the Cameroonian army . What if they were members of a group of young people created and financed by the local elite to sow confusion within the English-speaking revolution but who were executed because they became dangerous towards the population? Hypothesis not to be excluded! As a reminder.