Thursday, February 13, 2020

From Kondengui, a separatist leader unmasks Maurice Kamto

In detention in Kondengui prison, the member of the "consortium" is not at all tender with the national president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc).

Wilfrid Tassang, the member of the Anglophone "consortium" banned by the Cameroonian government is very angry with Maurice Kamto. Arrested and detained in Kondengui since 2017, he has just published a tribune against the president of the Mrc. At the start of his letter, he first praises the merits of the politician. “Maurice Kamto, is known as one of the best lawyers in his country. As a reminder, this learned professor directs the case opposing Nigeria to Cameroon on the Bakassi peninsula. Cameroon's victory over Nigeria has been widely attributed to him. ” 

Thereafter, the English-speaking leader cites the points against him. "It is therefore not surprising that he was rewarded with a ministerial portfolio at the Ministry of Justice after this exploit. It is also said that it was under his supervision that plans were drawn up to decimate the Common Law system in Cameroon, seeing to begin with, the flooding of the two English-speaking regions with French-speaking judicial officers, whose functions are exercised on our territory by lawyers ”. 

The Ambazonians

In the letter, we also learn that it is Maurice Kamto who requests a meeting in prison and not the reverse. “For the record, the professor lied. I bring this clarification so that the Ambazoniens who fall head down to be received by him in the diaspora know that this man is to be avoided like a flea. It was at the teacher's request and insistence that a team of four, led by Sissiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, met their own team. ” 

“I don't know why the lawyer is going to lie, but this singular action confirms what Sissiku had said to him and to his men earlier; "You are all like Paul Biya", that is to say if someone doubted it ". Concludes this leader.