Saturday, February 15, 2020

Frauds: Towards the loss of the new Cabral Libii seat in parliament

Big loser in the North-West and the South-West, the SDF requests the cancellation of the double ballot of February 09 in this part of the country.

Following the legislative elections of February 9, 40 appeals were made to the Constitutional Council by 12 political parties. These include, in particular, the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc), the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn), the Social Democratic Front, the National Union for Integration towards Solidarity (Univers), the People united for social renewal (Purs), the National Union for Democracy and Progress (Undp), the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress (Andp), among others. 

In one of its requests, the SDF requests the total annulment of the legislative elections in the North-West and South-West regions where, blows one of its executives, "there was really no vote". Appeals for partial annulment of the elections have also been filed, in particular by the Rdpc, which vigorously contests the victory of the list led in the Nyong and Kellé (region) of the Center by the national president of the CRPP, Cabral Libii. 

The reasons advanced by the party in power are not known officially, but at the end of the double ballot of last Sunday, the candidates of its lists as well in the legislative ones as with municipal had denounced many irregularities during the vote in this constituency until - there 100% controlled by the Union of the populations of Cameroon (Upc), excluding the ballot on February 09. The Rdpc also seized the Constitutional Council against the Udc, victorious of the legislative ones in the Noun (region of the West). 

In the department of Vina (Adamaoua), the unsuccessful candidates of the Rdpc, Zoubainatou Salihou épse Mohammadou Bassirou, Koulagna Abdoul, and Hamadou Ali Bachir, in this case, justify their request against the victory of the Undp by the fact that , “… The aforementioned elections were punctuated by a triple irregularity: the non-compliance by the National Union for Democracy and Progress (Undp), a competing party among others, with the deadline for the closing of the electoral campaign, corruption and fraud… ”.

Private residence 

In the constituency of Donga-Mantug west (North West), the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress calls for the cancellation of the legislative election, "due to the exclusion of its ballots in the various offices voting without notification of a prior judicial decision ”. Also in this region, the United Democratic Party (UDP) of El Hadj Bako intends to obtain the partial cancellation of the elections won by the Rdpc, still in the Donga-Mantung west (department of Boyo). According to him, his party's ballot papers were absent from the polling stations in the Misaje district. On the grounds that a polling station was installed in the private residence of an officer of the Rdpc in the district, this party also requires that the majority votes cast in favor of the ruling party be attributed to it. Otherwise, the election must be resumed. 

Article 168 (1) of the electoral code provides: “the Constitutional Council ensures the regularity of the election of deputies to the National Assembly. He shall proclaim the results thereof within a maximum period of 20 days from the date of the closing of the poll ”.