Saturday, February 15, 2020

feeling insecure, Kamto 'sets' conditions for his return

The mrc takes the threats to the life of its president very seriously. According to sources close to the party, Maurice Kamto fears for his safety in Cameroon. The president of Mrc is afraid for his life. He also does not want to go back to prison.

Maurice Kamto would multiply meetings with diplomatic missions before his return to Cameroon. In the USA, where he had been staying for a few days on a political tour, Kamto seems to be listened to. An American Democrat deputy from Maryland questioned the Cameroonian authorities over the safety of challenger Paul Biya. 

“I enjoyed meeting the pro-democratic leader Kamto, who was unjustly imprisoned for defying the old president of Cameroon during an election. I am concerned about the recent threats to his security and I am carefully monitoring his safe return to Cameroon to continue his work, "said the Cameroonian elected official. 

After the USA, Maurice Kamto flew to Europe this time in a professional setting according to Cameroonian media. According to indiscretions, Maurice Kamto will not return to Cameroon until he has all the guarantees for his security. 

A government spy at the Maurice Kamto Meeting

The international tour of Maurice Kamto is not to the taste of Paul Biya. According to activists of the Mrc in the USA, the minister of territorial admiration Paul Atanga Nji asked one of his protégés to infiltrate the press conference of Maurice Kamto. 

The intruder was present at the Maurice Kamto press conference when he was not invited. The location of the meeting had also not been communicated to party activists. This is how many have wondered about the presence of this man in these places. Unmasked, he was asked to vacate the premises before the start of activities. 

The man called "Jojo" is said to be very close to Atanga Nji. It is he who manages the heritage of the sulfur minister of Paul Biya in the Usa. An activist from Mrc said that the man named Jojo would have bought an apartment on behalf of the minister in Florida.