Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Far North: Boko Haram attack Kousseri-Maroua road

The jihadists of Boko Haram launched an attack on the day of Friday, February 21, 2020. This occurred on Kousseri-Maroua road.

According to sources, one of the victims, named Nkop Elie Eric, was on duty at the national corps of firefighters of Kousseri, under the registration number T2013. He was in a convoy in which one of the cars broke down.
"I was in the convoy. A vehicle was broken down and since the other vehicles could not wait for it, two soldiers who were on patrol vowed to secure them during the breakdown service. This is where the Boko Haram came out of the sissongo (hiding place, note) and opened fire on the soldiers. The passengers were not their targets. The 2nd soldier has just given up his soul in Maroua, ” explains Dannani Ayouba, a witness to the drama.

In a briefing note published on Saturday February 22, 2020, the communications unit of the National Fire Brigade confirms the assassination of one of its elements published on Saturday February 22, 2020. "A fire soldier cruelly torn from life . Recipient of a permission to ensure an administrative link between Kousséri and Maroua, Private 1st class Nkop Élie Éric of the 402nd Kousséri Fire Company, was coldly killed by terrorists of the Boko Haram sect Friday February 21, 2020 around 12:30 pm, between the villages of Zigagué and Waza ” can we read

Boko Haram assaults increasingly recurrent in the Fahe public authorities as an enemy reduced to its simplest expression, except that it seems to be back on the front line of the atrocities. Not a day goes by without the jihadist group of Nigerian origin launching deadly attacks against populations in the Far North, the only one of the ten regions of Cameroon affected by the abuses of the Islamists.

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