Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Etoudi: Paul Biya remoted by secret network

The journalist formerly on duty at CRTV, the national television, has just granted an interview to the private channel, Equinoxe Television from the United States of America.

Éric Chinje is one of the many Cameroonians who attended the meeting held by the opponent Maurice Kamto in Washington DC (United States of America) on February 9, 2020, while in Cameroon, voters were called to the polls to designate the deputies. and municipal councilors. 

On the sidelines of the event, the former star journalist of CRTV, the state media, granted an interview to the local correspondent of the private channel Equinoxe Television. 

"I came here (to the meeting) because people dared to call me to tell me that '' I hope that you will not go to the meeting of Maurice Kamto. And it was senior officials who called me to tell me that. So, this is a way of showing these people that I don't know which Cameroon they are fighting for. We are all Cameroonians, we are fighting for a Cameroon where everyone can feel at ease ”, he indicated, underlining in passing his links of friendship with Maurice Kamto, other opponents like Joshua Osih and members of the government, notably Grégoire Owona.

Opposed to the organization of the elections in the current context, the director general of the African Media Initiative believes that the Head of State is overwhelmed by the system that he himself put in place. 

“They have put in place a system that exceeds them all. Even President Biya can no longer master this system, he is overtaken by this system. President Biya with whom I had the chance to speak, does not support the fact that the Cameroonian army is in place there (in the North West and South West)… President Biya does not want the army be there killing cameroonians. So it's a system that has surpassed everyone, ”he said emphatically. 

For our colleague, the presence of the army in the English-speaking regions is proof that "someone in this regime wants war in Cameroon".