Monday, February 3, 2020

Etoudi: DCC Mvondo Ayolo breaks the rules at the Palace of Unity

On Friday January 17, 2020, Martinez Zogo, one of the most gifted radio talk show hosts of his generation, was arrested and locked up at the State Secretariat of Defense in charge of the gendarmerie. No complaints have been brought to his attention, no offense can be set up against him, but he is kept captive within the walls of the Sed. Behind this scabrous file, the iron fist of the current director of the cabinet, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo. In the cottages it talks. The radio host has succeeded in getting rid of one of the most feared characters in the Republic, often considered to be the vice-god. It just took a phone call for the host to be picked up and kept, we learned from concordant sources. While the Code of Criminal Procedure specifies that in cases of crime, Respondents can be released if they have a known residence and if they pay a bond, in this case the law was considered a step. The famous host was transferred to the main prison in Kondengui despite his letter of apology to the Mvondo Ayolo family.

This situation, elsewhere, would create an outcry. We remember for example in France the Benalla affair, the name of the former coordinator of different services during the official and private trips of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. The fact that he had usurped the function of police officer, arrested and raped a couple of people who had launched projectiles at CRS during one of the demonstrations of May 1, 2018 in Paris, was one of the most resounding scandals of the Marcron era. There were even parliamentary inquiries with hearings of French ministers. 

With us, traditionally, when the Dcc needs a service, the Republic bends over backwards, whether it is legal or not. It is said that in principle, he is responsible for managing the private affairs of the President of the Republic, as well as his communication, but far from it. Great curiosity, around a character who under other skies, is not even classified in the governmental hierarchy but, which, by a combination of circumstances favorable to Cameroon, is that which practically all the Republic dreads. He can thus be granted the most unexpected favors. We can thus understand why the current Dcc was able to offer itself for an amount of 650 million, a building of the Cnps which in principle was worth 4 billion. The news hit the headlines on social media. 

In Central Africa in particular, the Dccs make and break careers. They have an immeasurable sphere of power, are often consulted during ministerial reshuffles, position their supporters in the manger. To be convinced, let's take a look at the side of Gabon for example, where for a long time, sat a certain Maixent Accrombessi at the palace by the sea. As director of cabinet of Ali Bongo whom he has known since 90s, he was his right arm. Some say that he greatly helped the president to stay in power. Of Beninese origin and naturalized Gabonese, Maixent Accrombessi, was a controversial character, accused by the opposition of having taken advantage of his functions to divert public money and exert an excessive influence. 

Let's go back to Cameroon. All analysts are of the opinion that our country has never known a Dcc of the ilk of the late Martin Belinga Eboutou. It is said of him that he was one of the few that the President of the Republic called by his first name: "Martin". Entirely modeled on the Biya model, it alone compiled personable, myth, mystical… He had embraced employment so much that his name alone was synonymous with function. The rare word, he was par excellence "the man who whispers in the ear of the president". His influence within the regime is no secret to anyone. A broad spectrum influence also justified by the fact that the Dcc, in our Bantu democracies, is in a way the fuse of the president, the one who is responsible for getting his hands dirty, the one who "gets dirty" for the leader. That's why, the ministers who received calls from a character like "Martin", lost their Latin fear. Besides, he was the godfather of many of these ministers and Dg. 


The higher you are, the harder the fall can be. Many cabinet directors are controversial figures, who carry pots and pans. Accrombessi was indicted in Paris in November 2017, suspected of having illegally received money from a French company. He had been the subject, in this case, of a resounding arrest in Paris on August 4, 2015. 

It may become essential to separate from a Dcc to try to restore the presidential coat of arms. In addition, the ruthless nature of the exercise of power often requires that you be dismissed without even having the elegance to put yourself in the scent of your eviction. 

If we go back to Accrombessi, he was first dismissed from his post as director of the cabinet and appointed High Personal Representative of the Head of State. But, ultimately, Ali Bongo excludes him from the presidency. 

In Cameroon, according to reliable sources, Belinga Eboutou, was surprised during the reshuffle to learn on his sick bed that President Biya had relieved him of his duties. Some will even describe his acrimony, since after having been close to the sphinx for a long time, the latter had not even been kind enough to warn him of his dismissal. That's why to try to look good, we will stage the old Dcc alongside the new (Mvondo Ayolo), as if to say that everything was ok. 

What Decree N ° 2011/412 of December 09, 2011 reorganizing the Presidency of the Republic says about the civil cabinet:

ARTICLE 38.- The Civil Cabinet is responsible for: 

the State Protocol; 

Communication from the President of the Republic; 

Reserved Business. 

ARTICLE 39.- The Civil Cabinet is placed under the authority of a Director, possibly assisted by a Deputy Director.

ARTICLE 40.- The Civil Cabinet includes: 

Technical Advisers; 

Project Managers; 

ties ; 

the Special Secretariats of the Director and the Deputy Director;

internal services.

Source: 237online